The New Hope: China approves sale of home-grown new Alzheimer's drug

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China has approved sales of a home-grown new drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Will it be the answer for desperate patients and their family members? #dementia #alzheimersdisease


- Eth says:

Fake as their paper economy and everything else they make

Ankh Maat Hotep says:

Great start. Good news. Keep on keeping on China…

Mr Leong says:

Well done, China ! Keep it up !!

jose almeida says:

Congratulations China! great achievment.

youkesh100 says:

Sad, china breaking western monopolies.

Yang says:

GV-971 …..Has invested in research and development costs of 3 billion, and finally succeeded. Congratulations

TotoNut says:

seaweed price is going to skyrocket

Dave Lxlx says:

Can we import this, do we need some kind of permit ??

US of Israhell says:

Smoke some weed and you'll be alright. Or you can try CBD oil.

Jin Soon Chin says:

Excellent. I must consume more seaweed in my diet.

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