Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (First week!)

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Hi there! Here is a full day in the life of a Software Engineer! I go through my daily routine, go grocery shopping, and workout. This was actually during my first week at work!

About: I am a Full Stack developer with a B.Sc in Computer Science (minors in Math and Africana Studies). At work I code in PHP (Laravel) and Vue/Vuex. Languages that I code in outside of work are Python, Django, Java, and C++. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments!


Indigo Reign says:

Teaching myself and my 9&10yr old daughters to code. I'll have to show then your channel! Thanks for sharing!

Graphy says:

I understand that you didn't film 8 hours of coding and that being a software engineer doesn't mean sitting in a dark basement just coding but it seems to me that you showed everything in this video except what being a software engineer feels like so what's the purpose of the title I just don't get it

JAMES K says:

Just to get to live through you in this upload makes me feel good that my hard work will soon be fruitful and the fact that you are a black woman is extra special to me because I am also black and it seemed like in the software engineering world that I thought was so bleak for black people, there is a place for me too! Thank you!

tino Mareshal says:

tu utilise quoi coe video editing?

digvijay bind says:

hello ,
can you give email address

Dr. Dan Bigs says:

Jesus Christ! You're fine as hell.

W Miller says:

Great work ethic, keep moving forward. Also awesome to see growing diversity in the STEM industries.

WICK says:

Can you teach me how to code ?

Marie Designz says:

New subie!! Just recently started my tech journey!! Python is becoming my favorite language. JavaScript is a beast to learn lol. At least for me.

Reinhardt says:

More proof you don't have to be smart to code!

Phoebe P. says:

Omg please tell me the class or practice you’re doing to workout. That looks so fun!

Robert Avery says:

Your Fired !!!!

Monique says:

Heated blanket ftw

Shomari Wellington says:

where did you get your instrumentals?

charlie walsh says:

oh shit !! i didnt know you do Kung Fu ! keep it up girl

Micah Potts says:

I think I saw about 30 seconds of actual 'work' in this whole video.

Leon Beis says:

How come docker containers take so long? Is it the docker environment booting or running the actual containers for your application that take so long?

Luffy M says:

This video is useless to learning about how it is being a software engineer.

Guilherme Bastos says:

Smart and hot baby!

yallknow whoiam says:

Damm you a THICC engineer

Nathan Murthy says:

Do you have the track list for the instrumentals you synch'd in this video?

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