Kim Kardashian REVEALS Rob Kardashian’s MASSIVE Weight Loss On Instagram!

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Rob Kardashian showed off his SHOCKINGLY SLIMER figure while celebrating big sis Kim K’s birthday…maybe we’re going to to see him appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians here soon after all. I know Rob can sometimes be the forgotten Kar-Jenner put trust me this is one you’re not going to want to miss.
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mermaid says:

He is such a loser LOL

Claire Marie says:

Aww he looks amazing. So happy for him, he looks more content too.

JVH312 says:

I think he knew he was missing those Keeping up paychecks and the only way he would be comfortable getting back on is if he felt good about the way he looks. But doing it for your daughter sounds way less shallow….

Lungile Zungu says:

Is this a joke?

Evelyn Daly says:

I am happy Rob is now thin and acceptable in the eyes of his seriously vapid family. A little surprised he and Cait didn't get a "2-4-1" deal at the sex change chop shop!! White men are not safe around these women.

Bita Andrei says:


leanne mcgrady says:

It's probably a clone..

Abira Basu says:

Rob looks good

Klaudyna Opalinska says:

Am I the obly one annoyed by that "dont forget to subscribe eyc." Intro in EVERY VIDEO?

Jaime Emmanuel says:

I feel Rob out of all people in the universe has so much opportunities dished on a plate waiting for him to just claim it and yet idk what he is doing… from what I see Rob is battling with ONE major obstacle which is his weight and if he can get that sorted well then everything else in his life will be too… he has all the access to a nutritionist, personal trainer, good food through his mom and sisters. He just has so much. Commit your self for 12 months just to get your physical and mental health sorted out. Heck you don’t even need to work to earn in those 12 months all you just have to focus on is your health and everything you want will be yours. Rob is so hot and can have anything he wants travel business brands girls he doesn’t need to be Chasing after women who treat him like yesterday’s left overs. I hope you read this Rob Kardashian.

Ana Lopez says:

Wow ! I loss weight as well. You wanna see my leg??

JoJoM92 says:

This is so toxic but, why do I watch??

Sabrina Mcdonagh says:

We didn't see notting obot it

Selena H says:

Can’t wait for Rob to come back to the show we all miss him he’ll be a big star like his family he’s already a star and his daughter and black Chyna his ex

Matilda Anebi says:

Hi fam.. please help my homegirl by liking and subscribing! Thanks a million!

Tam Tam says:

They been saying he lost weight for how long..

Caroline says:

I thought it was going to be an actual pic of him LOL

realstepleanne AABA/AACJ says:

Hope he wont.

Erika Amwaama says:

Lol…it's always the same

Dora Rodriguez says:

Lmfaooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

chayma nour says:

Maybe they keep secret 4 the next season, "ROB's revenge body "

Mitra Vaziri says:

I don’t give a shit about this family

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