New video shows spark that started California wildfire l ABC News

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California officials claim high winds carried a tree branch into a city power line and created sparks that fueled the ravenous Getty Fire.

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Frank Blangeard says:

See the human skull in the foreground at 1:16?

сестракофе says:

Forest: exists

Spark: “I’m bouta ruin this man’s whole career”

roudouan serhane says:

الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
07 – ذو الحجّة – 1438 هـ
29 – 08 – 2017 مـ
08:30 صباحاً
( بحسب التقويم الرسمي لأمّ القرى )____________
أخبار من محكم الذكر بقلم الإمام المهديّ المنتظَر ناصر محمد اليماني ..

بسم الله شديد العقاب الغفار لمن تاب وأناب، فلينِب المسلمون في بورما

وميانمار وفي كلّ بلدان المظلومين فيها في العالمين، فلينيبوا إلى ربهم

ليهلك عدوّهم ويستخلفهم من بعدهم في تلك البلاد، فإذا استكانوا إلى ربهم

فتضرّعوا إليه بالدعاء أجابهم مهما كانت ذنوبهم فلا يجوز لهم اليأس من رحمة


والأيام المقبلة مليئةٌ بالأحداث التترى من آيات العذاب؛ منها أمطارٌ

نيزكيّة متفاوتةٌ في الحجم، وصواعقُ يصيب بها من يشاء ويصرفها عمّن يشاء،

يجعلون أصابعهم في آذانهم من الصواعق حذر الموت ليلاً أو نهاراَ، والله

محيط بالكافرين. وانفجارات شمسيّةٌ ضخمةٌ، وكسفٌ من السماء ساقطٌ، وظُلماتٌ

في الأرض‘ وزلازلُ بريّةٌ، ورياحٌ شديدة، وأعاصير البحر المسجور، وزلازلُ

بحريّةٌ، وجبالٌ ثلجيّةٌ من بَرَدٍ تأتي من الشمال الغربي، وطلوعُ الشمس من

مغربها بسبب اقتراب كوكب العذاب من الجنوب. ويمحو الله ما يشاء ويثبت وإلى

الله ترجع الأمور، فمنها ما هو حتميُّ الوقوع.

وتقلباتٌ سياسيّةٌ مفاجئةٌ، وتغيّراتٌ مناخيّةٌ، وازديادٌ مستمرٌ في ارتفاع

حرارة الشمس، وتناوشٌ كثيرٌ بسبب اقتراب كوكب العذاب، وارتقبوا إني معكم


وسلامٌ على المرسلين، والحمد لله ربّ العالمين..

خليفة الله وعبده الإمام المهديّ ناصر محمد اليماني.

Vernon Thiede says:

California's False Liberal Gods do not answer Liberal Prayers. God is punishing California for her idolatry.

Jia says:

This happens every year , but u.s gov is too busy to put some resources to figure a way to solve the problem .

Rich people can hire private firemen , specialize public resources , capitalize public resources , yet ordinaray people can only run away in their trucks .

And check this , u.s gov certainly has time to pass a law ‘caring " about people in Taiwan , which is to sanction countries who dare to unfriend Taiwan …

MB4LUNCH says:

Man made fires on purpose and man created winds to spread the fires.


I came up with a invention for fire sand bags around the house and on the roof a pyramid enclosure protects your house from FIRE!.

Mz. Blunt says:

Spark from a tree hitting a power line?!? I call bullshit! DEW just like Paradise.

black flying fox says:

1:14 Was that a human skull?

Jim Johnson says:

So many morons here believe ABC, like the fake video of Syria Slaughter, have you morons researched that.

Tail lights be like says:

Welcome to America
California- Wildfires
Florida- Hurricanes
Texas- Tornadoes

Truth Politics and Media says:

House democrats and nancy pelosi too busy impeaching trump to care about fires.

Capriuss says:

The government's lasers

Wes Finch says:

They want to be Eco friendly so here we are. BBQ me and you, deep fried liberal that will Do!

Henry Wu says:

I have an idea. What if they made the ground completely bare with no vegetation whatsoever in sort of like a big square shape maybe a mile long or so, and that prevented a wildfire from reaching a house or whatever you wanted to protect. You could just build a shield around it and then continue living in wildfire prone areas!


Burn baby burn. Someone get me some marshmallows. This is God getting even for the murdering pieces of s*** in that country. You can't go around killing people all over the world and commit genocide claiming your own country without karma coming back to bite you in the ass. Here's hoping the fire purges a few hundred thousand. The world will be a safer place

IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

Let it burn California is worthless state. Firefighter wasting water.

jhon doe says:

such stupid comments at the bottom our oxygen mostly comes from the SEA!! not Trees! and the SEAS are now dead cause of Fukashima! did any of you idiots wonder why the land is dying because the Seas died first! how about you plant some phytoplankton first!!

jhon doe says:

the media is lying to you!! the reason why the fires are out of control is because of the high levels of METHANE!! in the air. they don't tell you this cause the methane 100% disproves global warming. the methane is the result of geoengineering and weather manipulation technology developed by the USA, Russia, China, France and the UK!

The Manager says:

So basically the blackouts aren’t working.

Daniel Salazar says:

Really ?? A tree branch hit a power line , looks like a DEW hit it’s target !!

imyomelman says:

You can see a fire 85 miles away? That’s over 4800 ft of missing curvature of the earth!

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