North Korea reportedly fires two projectiles l ABC News

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The launch of two projectiles into the sea toward Japan, if confirmed as a missile test, would be North Korea’s 12th missile launch this year.

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Tyler Melville says:

He better knock it off

Fred Ragers VII says:

The pictures of the missiles is actually from a Kentucky gun show. ABC, the godfather of fake news.

Frans van Mook says:

Trump: Winning is easy. Is it???

Eric Jefferson says:

Iran and NK are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. They have all the right in the world to arm themselves with nuclear bombs just as other countries do. Nobody can or is going to stop them no matter how good the lame propaganda coming from the west sounds or looks.

Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

Pay for Play! Deflecting and distracting on the day of an impeachment Vote!! Pompaio more Secert deals!!

Ron B says:

“We fell in love”. DJT on Kim

Rusty Shackleford says:

Can you say PROPAGANDA?

Audrey says:

He is allowed all other countries do it .

larry_the_villan says:

Obviously he doesn't respect or see trump as a threat. How many did he fire with prior presidents?

Chris says:

Kim loves me! Per trump!

Odin Woutan says:

I wonder if north Korea does the dumb down birth

Ariko Subumo says:

James Longman is handsome

goat keeler says:

this dumpling needs to be stopped!

Miss Susanne says:

Great more air pollution

Rebecca Nicole Vega says:

He got a tan.

Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Make no mistake; this is Kim thumbing his nose at Impotent Trump.

lady2550 says:

So. Theyre allowed. Stop lying to your viewers.

rdmo83 says:

The sanctions are hurting them, and this seems like it's about food. Do the humanitarian thing and send some McRibs, and the testing stops.

Thomas Faggioni says:

Trump’s Big Red Button must be broken.

Terra 0 says:

Sea of EAST is correct .

mike says:

Kim o ya we will stop firing missiles. Later in the day let's plan for Tuesday for the test fire.

Michael Moses says:

Turned out to be Roman Candles from China Town.. stay tuned tho..we bound to get something right sooner or later

Mz Lee says:

L'il Kim is just looking for attention.

Blackwatch says:

No one fuckin cares seriously yall always sayin this bs north korea shot 2 missles you dont see them sayin usa just bomb another country and killed innocent ppl again do ok stfu

Scott Engel says:

….time to write a letter.

THE _KrackerJakk says:

I just took a poop. It was nice ☺

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