Inside Northeast Syria: What U.S. Troop Withdrawal Cost the Kurds | The Dispatch

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Mass funerals, wounded children, displaced families. This is what we found in northeast Syria after the U.S. withdrew its troops and Turkey attacked.

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Faux Manchu says:

In politics there are no friends, only interests. The Kurds should have known better, not to trust the US and other western powers.

petros asparagos says:

Who knows what he traded them for. Internet trolls maybe.

Kevin Doyle says:

The us should be ashamed

Halil Işık says:

Good propaganda

Lanagirly Star says:

No wonder why people don’t really like trump…

Dion Aldi says:

The cry from that poor little girl breaks my heart. I can really feel her pain physically and mentally 🙁

Антиоккупационное Раздолье says:

Anybody believe this crap?
As as curds are concerns, there is no such country as curdistan. See what president usa said. Curds weren't fighting Nazi Germany.

joe mammon says:

this video is a propaganda for neoconservatism! America can't be the world's policeman forever & ever & ever, OK? it's time to close down all the US overseas military bases & stop wasting billions and billions of $$$ from interfering in other countries' affairs! The world's a violent place. People fight & die, fight & die, fight & die – on & on it goes in an infinite loop! American meddling in foreign places isn't going to change that but it sure wastes a lot of $ that could have been spend on domestic areas!

yudhi adhyatmiko siswono says:

Oh look at them , we need to send soldier so we can make more profit from military industrial complex.

Set End says:

Long live the Kurds!

Kalash Operator says:

The US created this entire mess in Syria by trying to overthrow Assad. Trump, Obama, Bush, and other presidents have blood dripping from their hands and mouths like demons

Kalash Operator says:

Do Americans even know that the Syrian Kurds are communists?

Phil May says:

What is this world coming to when the head of a large democratic country can just flippantly tell one country it’s okay to attack people that, up until recently, had been their allies in the fight against ISIS. That, my friends, is a cowardly, backstabbing way to treat your supposed allies. It just shows the United States true colours. I find it morally repugnant, and I think it’s time for the U.S. to keep it’s fingers out of other people’s pie. When they come knocking and saying we’re here to help, before you shake their hand, you better check the other one, the one behind their back holding a knife.

Mr Perfect says:

Good job Turkey

Gungnir says:

NYSlimes wouldn't know a Barzani Kurd from the PKK on purpose because they know you won't care. hate for POTUS is driving reason to illiterate extremes and you all are letting MSM do it to you

Generation Fallout says:

I hope there is an afterlife and I hope justice finds you there.

Kaliman Kaliman says:

Love the soldiers and heart goes to the Kurds….GOD IS WATCHING…!!

Jay Walker says:

How many GREAT Americans died over ???HuH?
How many more U.S. soldiers did our GREAT President save??hmmm? New york times must be paid by Russia if there not wanting to keep America's safe.. NYT go BACK to RUSSIA

redhorn ,sms says:

Trump gave rojava to Erdogan
Erdogan gave bagdadi to trump
So its vinvin? situation.
For now!
I guess west forgot bombings in their cities from al-Qaida and ISIS!
now both of them joined in in Turkey!
Extreme islam is in Turkey,

Sajida Sheikh says:

Do you know world most foolish people? People from the middle East in 2019

C Chung says:

I want to watch american burn to the ground.

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