U.S. CEOs See Canada's Economy Weakening in Next Six Months, Survey Finds

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Oct.25 — Nik Nanos, chairman of Nanos Research Group, talks about his latest survey for the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada about foreign sentiment toward Canada, as U.S. executives operating in Canada feel that the national economy there will be weaker in the near future.


Brett B says:

edit – next four years

Yasser Naguib says:

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CTO Information says:

the whole world is falling. Reminds me of world war one, The wealthy gap is just too big.

Vancouver Island Waterjet says:

For my small business due to Trudeau being re-elected no way will I now be investing in new equipment. I will not be looking to expand. I will not be looking to hire new people. Under this socialist/communist regime there will be no prosperity in the future for Canada. The best we can hope for is survival. What I will be doing is simply trying to survive by hunkering down for the long term hardships that has already started and these hardships will only get much worse. Prepare yourself accordingly.

salvadoreanbeaver101 says:

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