Initiating Dialysis with a Fistula or Graft

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When initiating dialysis for patients with a catheter following recommended infection prevention guidelines can reduce central-line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs), decrease hospital costs, and improve clinical care. This video outlines how to follow these guidelines in your workplace to make care safer.

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Kenneth Daniel says:

I do permacath Dialysis. I just got my Av fistula made I hope mine looks ass healthy as his No lumps and discoloring from bad sticks.

juls varshney says:

I m a dialysis student

Majd Nashashibi says:

Yes cleaning hands with a ring! applaud

Valeverdex says:

those blue gloves are NOT sterile gloves.

Rashida Hankins says:

This will never happen. You don't have the power

Megha Marwah says:

Nice I'm also a dialysis technician

CleeMariee says:

Those blue exam gloves aren’t sterile…

bdde81 says:

Want to know what to expect on Hemo-dialysis? Check out our video!

Rahma Mohammed says:

I can't understand why each fistula at the opposite site of each other? Thanks

Navin Lessing says:

shouldn't there be a local anaesthetic applied before inserting the needles

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