BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson pauses Brexit bill after timetable vote loss

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Boris Johnson has paused the progress of his Brexit deal through the House of Commons after MPs rejected his timetable for passing necessary legislation.

The Commons voted by 322 to 308 to reject the government’s programme motion for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which aims to put the prime minister’s Brexit deal into UK law.

The result threatens Mr Johnson’s promise to take the UK out of the EU on 31 October “do or die”.

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pennyforit123 says:

Boris Johnson is a nasty POS, doubled down on amnesity for illegals. Don't trust this despicable traitor.

Michael Mouse says:

This is a joke – the undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed.

sam wright says:

surrender deal

slim Jim says:

I'll put £10 zillion squid on it we'll still be in the EU on November the 1st

Squirtle says:

Default no deal and a general election decided in one day, sweet

Ged Woods says:

Singing a deal any normal country would of had to of lost a war just to consider.

ab ba says:

He is still blackmailing everyone this trickster. Sometimes so strange from the part of those fake labour MPs who voted for Boris sells up deal.

Those labour MPs should be shamed .They don't stand for what the labour stand for .They are more likely pro tories and they are also possible spying team for the tories. Nothing could be ruled out. They are infact damaging the labour party.

Many people will not vote for them again.
But they don't need people support after all…they will change their jobs ones this Brexit is over helping the tories.
They have yet some job to do which isn't what the labour party originally stand for.

Thanks to those labour MPs Boris now is more determined to exit the EU at any cost. They have given him kiss of life after he was badly cornered by a democratic process because of his tricks and lies even against the queen for God sake. Yet those extremists strange doubled faced labour MPs are infact helping him with his Trump agenda. What is for them I wonder???

They are infact helping the man who unlawfully suspended them after lying to the queen with the help of those hard brexiters extremists.

Yet the labour MPs are kissing his feet and still willing to do more.
They are supporting a government which doesn't care for the rest of the 67 millions people of the UK just pleasing those extremists brexiters who represent part of the 17.4 m leave.

indy full says:

We have the worse politics in uk I have ever seen , these clowns make Thatcher look good

Allen Taylor says:

Have our MP’s read the Treaty, we will be liable for £100's Billions to prop up the EU banks if we sign this Withdrawal treaty. Also buried in the treaty is handing over control of our defence and intelligence services to the EU with guaranteed unlimited funding. In simple terms, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines; our ships and aircraft; our land forces and our intelligence architecture could all be directed and controlled – put in harm’s way indeed – by a body which could not be brought to account for its actions – The EU Commission. Clean break brexit now!! Negotiate later

Greenpoloboy3 says:

So maybe October 31st might just be another day………..

niwuwu ginger says:

German economy has been very bad. Brexit or not, the corrupt EU will implode and very soon.

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