Why Is YouTube Trending This Fake Channel? (Actually Happened)

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The newest channel from the creators of 5-minute crafts and bright side is totally fake and on trending and it’s made me upset

My Bright Side Commentary – https://youtu.be/dslCEMHU9sU
My 7-Second Riddles Commentary – https://youtu.be/UiSWqvF0M6o
My 5-Minute Crafts Commentary – https://youtu.be/7Urgvf8d2PA
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/jarvis
INSTAGRAM – https://instagram.com/jarvis
MY TECH/LIFESTYLE CHANNEL – https://youtube.com/jarvisjohnsonii
herbal tea by Artificial.Music https://soundcloud.com/artificial-music
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


Isa Flores says:

I just realized that she looks like Mable from gravity falls 11:28

Fuapau Siovaiata says:

This guy is dumb he gold actually has no proof he just be talking about how fake the titles are and he just be hating on the animation and the accent this is very stupid he does not even know if this is real or not

TheOneCOOL Panda says:

I feel like with the first one they made the voice over British on purpose

Violetta Zoffoli says:

When I saw the title of the first I immediately thought of that TIFU post. So not only is it not original content, but there's zero guarantee it's not fake

Linnea Skille says:

My Enemy Exposed My Secret Relationship With My GF Because Of Potatoes

Kiwi Sama uwu says:

I have literally blocked all of those channels bc they are stupid lol

Ali Bernardino says:

i tried to search for Alyson Styles but nothin appeared

Gods Power is Too Powerful says:

this channel

Gods Power is Too Powerful says:

but I still respect you

Gods Power is Too Powerful says:

I don’t hate that channel

GrantsGalaxy says:

Next thing you know they be coming out with a "my uncle is pregnant and my dog is the father"

Stormer says:

"I Got Pregnant At 15 And My Dad Nearly Died At War And I Outsmarted Him" -title generator.

Vivid Edwards says:

I got stabbed 180 times and then I turned into an alicorn and destroyed America and Europe.

Admiral Mapping CountryBalls Productions says:

I visited my mom and they killed me

Actually happened

Boba in a Flash says:

What about the Jackie Chan Actually Happened video?

UwU Hey Monika says:

What we learnt today:

All story channels (other then Storybooth) are Fake.

Some girl on the internet says:

“My phone got thrown off a cliff and somehow managed to save the universe”


Coco says:

“My Parents Think I Am Ok With It”


EnderQuakePlayz says:

12:36 “but the bad one” BRAH

Phoebe Corwin says:

you are so funny actually happen is fakeeeeeeeee

Gesky says:

Yoo happy 2019

Marvelfangirl Ily3000 says:

My Mom fell into come for fife weeks and stayed in Hospital dir seven months. I was four Back then.

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