Bruno Mars: Funny Moments with private Camera

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Ruth Jimenez Rodriguez says:

He’s my first idol

Terrence Walker says:

0:44 when me n my friends ain't got shit to do

Camilla Milanese says:

9:02 weren't that Michael Jackson's "breath"??


I dont know if bruno is handsome or beautiful

Brynn Mahan says:

Bruno Mars is basically just a little, sometimes inappropriate, ray of sunshine.

V & B game SHE WOLF PACK says:

wtf Bruno u so funny

Remix Nation says:

5:54 me soon at youtube

David Genter says:

0:16 The funnys moment 0:50

Jae_BT BabyBird says:

At some point I just stopped laughing and stayed still amazed on how talented this man is. Damn ya know what I am sayin

Diane Seacrest says:

Oh he would be so fun to be in public with. Seems down to earth and just laid back. Thank you for posting <3

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