The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder

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What is Anxiety, what is a panic attack and how are these two different?

In this video we explain the symptoms of panic attacks and General Anxiety Disorder or GAD. We explain how you can help someone who is suffering from these conditions and how you may get help if you’re suffering from it yourself. We have licensed psychologists monitor our comments, so please let us know if you have any questions or if you’d just like to talk to someone in the comments below.

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caysy says:

I dont know if i am acutally mentally stable but i think so? but i always panic whenever i have to speak in front of people that arent my friends or when im not with my friends. Like idk why, even when i just have to say something simple in french in front of my class like how old i am, i always panic and cry. I cant help crying and its really hard, sometimes i dont even know why im crying. I just cry when i feel just a little stress. And i get chest pain often, but i would guess its just something else. I dont know why i commented this tbh, i think im pretty healthy anyway

Fabien Chevreuil says:

Meditation is the key!

Antidepressants will help but never fix your GAD.

Watch Joe Dispenza's video. This guy showed me the way to be myself again.

undercover Williams says:

Is there anybody hear that would like to talk and keep in touch… It's better to talk a person that's going through the same thing

Army Wife says:

This was spot on! I have both!

Mary Serrao says:

he explained both and i have all the symptoms of both and now i’m even more worried

Megan Triel says:

Wrote this a few days ago! Hope it will let you feel less alone x


Have you ever had the feeling that the whole world is moving and you’re standing in the middle

Like you’re running from a hurricane chasing you till the very last corner of your soul

Chasing every emotion out of you

Feeling numb and empty

Crying but not feeling anything

Like you’re in a storm and can’t see trough the rain

Looking at the dark clouds and lightning

Praying that the sun finally comes trough

I’ve been praying for a long time now

Love Nature says:

I have this faint feeling; clammy hands and feet. Disorientation, then I go into a full-fledged panic scream and ask to be taken to the hospital like I'm gonna die…like I'm gonna pass out at any minute.

L-I-K-E our_SuMmeR says:

Do i have an axiety attack??
I cried for 20 mins thinking an earthquake is gonna occur coz i saw one video of earthquake or was i just emotionally overwhelmed?!

Truth AND JUSTICE says:

I have same problem
Panic attacks and shortness breathing and I have pain in my back
When I get scared my breath became so short

Germany says:

I can relate to those feelings, despite it not being diagnosed (yet). I didn't go to the doctor yet.

These made feelings made me lose some friends though. I don't know if I should be happy about it helping me to find "real" friends or if I should be sad about it annoying people so much that they go away.

Welp, so be it, I guess.

Ur moms favorite pornstar says:

What if you have both ?

dr dolittle says:

Never take benzos. You think you have anxiety now. Try having GAD and then going through multiple cold turkeys after following the wrong advice from a doctor.

Rand Saad says:

I think I’m Jospeh

Kiki Koko says:

I have General anxiety disorder. I’m always having headaches and my heart is always racing

Bearlogg says:

I get panicattacks because im worried that im so worried ill get an attack.

Xcece says:

I have anxiety -:

Syedzakir Syedmushtaq says:

Al most 6 day I didn't sleep well after takeing medication also I didn't sleep well

Byunsbabe Vlogs says:

Life is hard when you have both

BallestJenn says:

I came here because i was having a panic attack and had no idea how to cope and wanted to know more

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