Watch This Marine Biologist Swim With Sharks | The Dodo Wild Hearts

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Ocean Ramsey has been swimming with sharks since she was a kid, and now she’s fighting to keep them safe.

Keep up with the work of Ocean Ramsey on Instagram: Special thanks to photographer Juan Oliphant:, and additional thanks to Sea Shepherd Global:

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R E Iウサギ says:

she’s everything I inspire to be lol

Wolf Pack says:

Calmly says “I can hold my breath for six and a half mintutes.” US BE SHOKED

Stinky Linky says:

She is like genie Clark

Ryan safar says:

Aight look sharks don’t attack humans on purpose this is true

But also don’t ignore the fact that sharks are armed to kill full of shark teeth and take on animals as large as you

curteyethecat700 says:

She’s Breathtaking!!! She must be a real life Mermaid!!!

Marshma11ow Moon AJ says:

Is it me? Or is her voice soothing and satisfying xd

jocris banaag says:


Gacha Wolf girl and GachaAlphaGirl says:

Humans think animals are dangerous I mean look at us we are destroying Earth and soon there will be nothing left for us to call monsters but ourselves so we must respect nature even if we call them monsters

Kiera Kinnane says:

i love this vid i liked sharks before but now i LOVE them so much

Wolf QuestIdiot says:

Sharks are the pit bulls of the ocean

SAY UNCLE!!! says:

Hot shark girl.

Badchlochlo Da best says:

Sharks are cute

Gabriel Leka says:

Unfortunately I think the general imbalances in our environment due to human intervention may have contributed to more shark attacks here in Australia, which always makes people irrational. Still, it’s amazing what you are doing.

LashNSmash says:

I do not fear sharks.
I RESPECT them sure, but if one ever swims up to me… it’s gettin headpats

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