Moving skeleton dog transforms after rescue

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Weary and weaving with illness, this desperate girl was dying from mange when we rescued her. She was too weak to resist, or maybe somehow she knew she needed our help. Without us, she only had a few days of life left.

Mange is particularly dangerous for street dogs because when they itch, they tend to keep moving, leaving their home neighborhoods. Only in the advanced stages do they slow down. Mary is alive because a kind person called us and stayed with her, never letting her out of his sight until our ambulance arrived.

Please donate to keep our ambulances on the road, arriving in time to save a beautiful life like Mary’s:


ToxicShadow93 says:

How Could a Piece of shit Dislike this video Like This Is Such a nice video!

mohiuddin returns says:

Please rescue Syrian people like that.


God sent some angles to save her

Nils Andersson says:

nice the dog is have a real life

L Ortiz says:

But she still seems sad, she’s not wagging her tail.

Luke Zanker says:

That’s so nice of u!!

Technical Bro says:

fuck you india fuck you this is what your religion teaches you ( )

Yadah Kayembe élève says:

omg thx you guys so much

Project_Eclipse1 says:

I really wish I could donate to these people.

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