How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE… of Fallout

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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let’s find out!

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Liam Watson says:


RagingInsanity says:

Hydroponics + INFINTE ENERGY = Infinte food

ViEThUmB - Games, Review, Animations says:

Commonwealth Realm? wow lol

Seandell Weaver says:

Energy Weapons. Where have I seen that before?


ImperialGamer says:

Yeah but, what about Australia. Are we fucked or saved? Because if we believe the flat earthers than we don't exist so, does non existence protect from nuclear fuckerness?

Dizzy Von Haze says:

but that's just a THEORY A GAME THEORY and cut

Mighty Oshy says:

Russia is buffed dude

Ryder Stewart says:

Don’t forget the seed vault in Antarctica

Cutler Davis says:

I have dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and this video makes me want to invest in Anti nuclear fallout tech.

• IAnxiousX says:

Wait Fallout takes place in a post apocalyptic wasteland?!

America looked normal to me…

Bilguun Tserenbadral says:

U forgot the rise of second mongol empire after fallout

LosingLuke says:

Wait…. the reason ghouls love long is cancer?!

Damn I should’ve seen this coming

Noah Morris says:

Fallout let canada live yay if fallout happened I will live and screw America and other places

Andrew Childs says:

Anyone know the song/music played at 13:56?

Mr Marshall 2077 says:

Welp I feel depressed

AJ Dragonlord says:

is it just me our when he stops screaming and yelling we crap our self's

Tracy Alsup says:

Well I guess mad just got reinforced

Nazeroth_4667 says:

Nice try but, I think that if we used all of the petroleum, gas and coal a -6 degree celsius would be the least of our problems.
Also, over 100 atmospheric test of nuclear fission have been performed in 1962 alone. I have issue seeing how that affected us. The treaty passed to only conduct underground tests happened the next year. I am interested to see the latest studies you saw, and why it doesn't corrolate with our life right now.

Probably time frame 1 day instead of 365. I just don't get it. oh well. I tried.

The war guy says:


Microfusion cells were only a American thing, since the government didn’t want to share them

So nobody has energy, or so I think.

Colt662 says:

Fallout: Switzerland

Sirsneezalot says:

Wait, but what about artificial light? Isn’t there certain bulbs created just for growing plants without sunlight?

BIG D says:

seriously. 6 degrees drop. I literally feel like i'm being cooked alive right now.

Djdaniel M says:

anyone know the specific ending song please?

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