EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Vladimir Putin Celebrates 67th Birthday in Heart of Russian Siberia!

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The Kremlin Press Office distributed footage of Vladimir Putin’s rest in the taiga. The president went to the Siberian forest to pick mushrooms before his birthday in the company of Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.
They flew there by helicopter and went part of the way by an SUV (the president was driving, Shoygu was in the passenger seat), and then they went on foot.


Igor Krstovic says:

Happy Birthday dear Vladimir wishing from Belgrade – Serbia!!!
Live long.
zastava Srbije – Google претрага https://swky.co/W–Ymu

Blufor 4014 says:

Putin just chillin out in nature like a regular dude. I like him. He's not trying to look popular for a photo op. He's just being himself.

ramiro herrera says:

Mr. Putin Happy birthday my shout out is coming from Los angeles I am currently in Los angeles & Mr Puting blessings

Dee Alex says:

Gandoni za vseh mrazi orvetite

Dee Alex says:

Eb tvoyu mat ukraina ebuchaaya. Ti ebuchaya Ukraina za vseh otvetish

Dee Alex says:

Vi ebanie gandoni….vi ganoni….russkie pobedili. Nemzi prishli vi o chem ebanaya ukraina. Huli vi vas tak ebanet DONBAS. POMOGI donbasu.

Dee Alex says:

Eto moy putin. Horosho ebanaya Ukraina

Dee Alex says:

Velikiy chelovek ya tak lyublyu Putina

Dee Alex says:

Moi moi Putin

Dee Alex says:

Da suchara budet bombit merusskyu.

Dee Alex says:

Ya poplachu. Oni ustaivayut shou . Mrazi ebuchie skati. U vas blyat rebenok umer.

Dee Alex says:

A ukraina rzet nad Putinim. Smeyutcya. Vistovlyaet v feis buk. . Uktaina ya vam debili za nachego prezidenta. Eto Putin velikiy chelovek v etom zizni Ukraina

I Amm Satrio says:

He is 67?
I thought he is 40- something

Oleg Sevtov says:


Marko Podganjek says:

He is good. Another 3 years, but rhen has to be retired if Russia want to retain current tempo

Antongg 361 says:

So you must celebrate your Birthday xd

Moses Tesfai says:

Happy Birthday Vlad! Pozdrablyayem!

John-Michael Franco says:

What a guy. Really out here living his best life. Joking around, having fun, all while being a president. Cool stuff.

Donna McDonald says:

So nobody could or have the nerve to pick up the little ASD's piece of sh*t and throw him off a climb ?.

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