Kick AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis)

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This video is my story and my fight against this autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. This to spread awareness about this disease and how new biologics treatment can help you in easing your pain and life.
Please if you want you can mail me at so, I could provide my doctor’s prescription.


John Rambo says:

Bhai I am aslo from Ranchi and having HLAB27 gean … so same pinch

amarjit kumar says:

Hello bro how long will one have to take the dose because it is too costly.

Nandan Kashyap says:

Sir abhi kise hai app,plz update kijyega

tara bhusal says:

u m also the victim of this disease. before it was in my hip. took medicine n the pain gone. after 1 year inflammation in my eyes. it was also cured. now in my ribs and backbone difficult to identify the right place.. omg such stiffness.. bloating of stomach too much . may be the side effects of medicines.

Rajesh Madhavi says:

I am also as patient

manuthej manu says:

Guys those who suffering from As, pls fallow NDS new diet system.. U reverse the disease by without medicine.. Believe me it really works..

Varun Saini says:

Mujhe bhi AS hai, maine bhi Adfrar 40 k 6 injection liye hai, realy its like jaduu,but after 8 month fir se pain hone laga, adfrar se kuch time ke liye dard thik ho jata h

Anubhav Jain says:

i also suffering it since 10 years ……….. doctor suggests me INFIXIMAB

shubho chowdhury says:

Hi Surya!
Thanks for this very informative and medically accurate video about AS. I am a 3rd year MBBS student who got his lab results back as HLAB27 positive today. I am awaiting my MRI results now. Though I am a feeling little moved after knowing that there is a significant chance that I might have Ankylosing Spondylitis, watching your videos and some other patient experiences make me feel a bit relieved. Hope to stay in contact and help each other out.
Stay well. Stay strong.

Smita Patil says:

Use Celtic salt in diet

muthu pandi says:

Add me your group. 9566444868. I am also affected from AS. Past 11years I am suffering from AS.

Shubham Pandey says:

My self Dr SH pandey
Regarding Ankylosing spondylitis or all auto immune disorder
you can directly talk to me
Either you can drop the message on my what's up 8447845476
or drop a email to me
and I will request to all AS patient dont loss his/her hopes we will fight together against the As
Thanks everyone

Shakthi Dharan says:

Hi Surya…this is shakthi…we spoke previously …hope u remember me (cts)…can I get ur contact….I wish to have a small discussion over inflximab…my number so 7092638838

Anu pandey says:

Jan 2018 I got uveitis, by March i started getting AS symptoms and by June the condition was really bad, too much pain to bear with. I was lucky that i started Ayurvedic treatment for this. I went for Panchkarma- Virechana and then medications followed. I have too much improvement to say. Symptoms are almost gone, I am back to Gym with medications. My take is to go for Ayurvedic Treatment , it takes time but gives a holistic treatment.

Rajesh R says:

Yes anti TNF is the best option available now. Please dont worry abt side effects, start it as early as possible to prevent fusion of vertebrae damage to joints n loss of mobility and quality of life..Now adfrar is availabe for very low price..

Pandey Vk says:

Bahut costly HAI mai bhi 20 salo she jia jhel RHA hu

Ranjan C says:

For AS, first and foremost, visit a good Rheumatologist and not any orthopedic. The initial treatment will be based on sulphasalazine/metronidazole and pain killer (NSAID), and later on Biologics. No drug can stop AS permanently but they can reverse the progression to a great extent. There are several Biologics like Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, Simponi, and their doses are different. For eg, I have taken Enbrel 50 mg on a weekly basis. The duration is usually 6 months to one year. These are costly because of two reasons – 1. These are imported injections, 2. The company which manufactured them holds a patent which is usually for 20 years. Enbrel's patent has expired and now many companies have come up with bio-similar injection. One such is from Cipla India – ETACEPT – which costs 1.5 times less than that of the original Enbrel (cost was Rs17,500 per injection five years back). The effectiveness of such biological injection varies from patient to patient. One last thing: always consult a trained physiotherapist for stretching related exercise.

Sonu Parjapti says:

Bhai Maine aaj adfrar 40mg lgwaya hai mjhe bhi bhot problem hai.. HLAB 27 positive…

DJ Blend Flame says:

Finally bad very bad video


I am also suffering from this disease.Can you drop your contact number here.For this I will always grateful to you.

DiPAM Ds says:

Hey bro, I m also suffering from ankolysing spondylitis since last 6years and there is unbearable pain ,plz add me to your whatsapp group so that I can get some suggestions regarding treatment
my no. 7003959817

virat kumar says:

I also from ranchi nd i have same problem AS so plzz suggest me what to do

Ibrahim Hossain says:

Please, check your mail. Please replay

Ibrahim Hossain says:

Please, provide me your fb address. I am affected in this deasise for 11 years. Please help me. I want a better life, please help me, brother.

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