Pros + Cons Of Having A Creative Day Job | Working At An Advertising Agency

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Today I’m sharing the Pros + Cons Of Having A Creative Day Job because as great as it is to have a creative day job, it still has some downsides that I think you ought to know about.

I’m a millennial lifestyle blogger and soon-to-be momma of a baby girl! Just trying to juggle this thing called adulthood 🙂

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Jamie Alvarez says:

Hi! What was your college degree? 😀


Great video, very insightful. Thank you so muchh

All Things Rosie says:

Thank youuu! You literally said everythingggg

Advertising Agencies In South Africa says:

Thanks for some great info

Advertising Agencies In South Africa says:

Thanks for some great info

Izio Shaba says:

there's one more con of being an ad-person.

being an ad-person.

ExSIN trik says:

Was it easy getting a job after graduating? What if you’re good at making art and music? Can you use both for an advertising agency?

Casually Stylish says:

I can relate so much with you! I'm a designer at an agency. They sure work your butt off! My brain been so fried to the point where I can feel steam coming out of it. lol. It's also very difficult for me to be creative outside of work. When I first started, I did so much overtime during our busy season that my health started to deteriorate. Now I learn how to manage my time better and communicate about my schedule often. And you're right about the process of approval. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt, especially when I need to get it done ASAP. And you're also right about the pros. I do love creating and definitely gotten a lot better at designing. You must work at an awesome company, because it's really the people who makes the job tolerable.

coconut1984 coconut says:

Working until 1am was the norm for me.

Too Much Kelsey says:

This was super helpful! I had some questions I was gonna ask here but you answered them later in the video. Thanks for posting! 🙂

Ashlee Walker says:

Thanks for this video. It's become crystal clear to me that this is the professional environment I belong in….something that would be helpful would be a video on what creative agencies are looking for from a recruitment perspective. How to get a foot in the door. What your interview experience was like…etc.

Candace Newman says:

thses ads turn mi off so bad

iamjsmith says:

yes i want to know the cons cause i cant find any

Bradley Lancaster says:

I work at Publicis Worldwide and i totally agree with you about being fried and watching Netflix at the end of the day. I do HTML5 ads for about six brands, it is almost impossible to keep up with the workload.

rvpstudios studios says:

Thanks for the posting! I was getting confused on WHICH Career path I should I know. BTW.. what are your opinions about older workers starting a second career in Advertising?

Henzon Llarves says:

What are the requirements to apply in an ad agency?

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