Charles Leclerc's Onboard Pole Lap | 2019 Russian Grand Prix | Pirelli

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A triumphant performance earns Charles Leclerc his fourth Pirelli Pole Position Award in a row and sixth of the season in Russia.

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Ayewut says:

Is it just me or is the video ever so slightly ahead of the audio?

Tobias says:

Out of synch audio. Singapore was spot on.

PN H says:

F1 cars sound kind of like an electric lawn mower with gears to me.

sampras25 says:

Still Ferrari F€&@ it up in the race! I hope to see someone else in the place of Vettel next year! I am done with him! LeClerq is the nr. 1 driver!

Gino Puccini says:

And I would watch this video and the hit ‘dislike’ because…???

Jai Singh says:

It’s 2019 and the sound isn’t in sync smh

Ahilan Palarajah says:

Understandably frustrated after the final sector. Especially given, I can match that time on F1, with the racing line. Yeah.


Os carros da f1 hj estão muuuito velozes. Pena que a "música" que ouviamos dos motores se acabou.

Guillaume Toury says:

Leclerc is better than Vettel in qualifying but Vettel is stronger in races so Vettel should be the n1 of the scuderia, and I'm a Leclerc fan…

JeanMichDu42 says:

He is drifting like in a rally in the last half

vitamin ferrari says:

forza charles ,, allez charles

Benzer 1995 says:

Hopefully the FIA will carefully investigate that engine!!! It's illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Nelson says:

I swear F1's youtube channel… You ruin every single quali and race with your thumbnails for those who can't watch it live…

Nildo Sousa says:

Eu gosto tanto de fórmula 1 de velocidade que eu me sinto como se eu tivesse dentro da gabine desse carro pena que eu não tenho condições nem de assistir uma corrida se alguém da fórmula 1 ver se essa mensagem e me desse um ingresso com certeza que eu ia correndo igualmente esse carro para assistir a corrida kkk fórmula 1 em show de bola como eu sei que isso não vai acontecer um abraço a todos que gosta de fórmula 1

Lyam Lexa says:


Pierluigi Simonetti says:

Bentornata Ferrari ❤

Vüsal Kərimov says:

Fuck you leclerc.

David Goliath says:

All for not. Mercedes 1 2 Lets go!

Αποστολος Βασιλος says:

But Hamilton is the winner

Chris Wyett says:

Sorry Seb, Karma 's a bitch!

Den End Studios says:

The Clark, all in a days Accounting !

Audrius Simonis says:

That sound omg have to mute arter 20 sec disgusting

Daennes23 says:

Leclerc sucks

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