Top 10 Scary Robots That Fought Back

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Top 10 Scary Robots That Fought Back
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Hello and welcome back to the MostTop10 channel on the internet – I am your host, Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today we’re talk the Scary Robots That Fought Back *robot arms.*
I have keith the beef, the robot in my pocket… if you don’t know what I am talking about check out the Top 10 things you shouldn’t say to siri series….. I’m hoping to be able to make one for you by the end of the week before I go as a parting gift from Keith and I.

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Chino21_9 says:

Noooo your one of the 2 reasons i watch this channel. The other one has glasses sometimes, cough Ayman cough. Lol.

White_ dragon says:

Honestly I would bang a female robot

Jimmy Phelps says:


Charlotte Hutchins says:

Rebecca I really love you you're really really funny by the way I love the redress could you wait nearing next time you do a top 10 video

Scarlett Ivy says:

Nooooo Rebecca you can't leave us we'll miss you!!!!

Wolfe911 says:

Don't want you to go…

Jonathan Kruger says:

Who says we aren't self-replicating robots made of flesh and blood instead of synthetics

WingMan says:

I never knew robots were so frighte- GOOD! Yeah "good". thinks about #1

TejaBelec says:

I'll miss you Rebecca . You're one of my favorite hosts here

The Hairy Wanderers says:

I am really going to miss you Miss, Your my favourite youtube presenter.

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