Panic disorder – panic attacks, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

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What is panic disorder? Panic disorder is characterized by having recurrent and unexpected panic attacks. This video covers the clinical definition of panic disorder, including the signs and symptoms of a panic attack. It also covers several complications and treatment methods. Find more videos at

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Hoop man 88 says:

I having a panic attack right now this is my second 1 after like 5 years

giana deanda says:

i had a panic attack in front of my bosses for 2 hours i was gagging and almost threw up on their desks cause i got a write up for the smallest thing and i thought my life was over it felt unreal it was like i had an out of body experience i don’t think ppl understand that having anxiety and panic disorder should be heard and understood were not dramatic this is real and it fucking sucks to barely function at work

Flying Burger Dude says:

i had a panic attack at school yesterday so im glad to know what it is

clarice ._.isnotokay says:

Do I have anxiety or panic attacks? I experience shortness of breath, trembling, feelings of choking, sweating, fast heart rate and feelings of somewhat detachment.. I really don't want to self diagnose because I just think it's bad if I think I have it when others are actually suffering with it

Damian Zuniga says:

Every thing this video explains, I'm going through. It started with shortness of breath and it slowly started to get worse.. I just want this feeling to go aaawayyyy. I've been trying CBD oil 500mg doses. Gonna see if that helps……..anyones help or input would be appreciated…

Bass Droppah says:

Every morning I wake up with anxiety, takes around 30 minutes of puking and breathing to relax. Stomach upset, can't eat. I will see a doctor. This will cost alot…but I can't live like this anymore.

Melissa herrera says:

School actually gives me anxiety.

Julien Stepetin says:

I had a panic attack last week.

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