Introduction to Biology: What is Life?

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After we learn chemistry and biochemistry, we are ready for biology! In this course we extend our understanding of molecules to encompass an entire cell and everything inside it. This is a huge step in complexity, and we will even talk about how the first cells may have come about. First just a little introduction to whet your whistle!


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random stuff says:

Ok, so something that I've been thinking about is that if quarks and electrons are the smallest thing that exists, what is inside of them? Nothing? But for them to work as they do, something needs to like…be inside of them, but then it isn't the smallest thing, and what's inside of that again? It can't be just a thing with nothing in it, because then it has no function. My head is kinda dead, so, Professor Dave, explain plz.

Anya ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ says:

Are viruses considered alive or dead? Still confused on that part.

Phytom says:

It's fucking irritating. My question is:
How does a combination of minerals require *will*?

MPULE Johannes says:

wow. so the defination of life includes charecteristics of life, and energy.

Michael Pisciarino says:

What are you?
0:24 Living Organisms:
(1) Grow/Move
(2) Use Energy
(3) Respond to Stimuli
(4) Reproduce

0:53 Matter (smallest ——> Less Small)
1:11 A Single Cell
1:27 Science Chain

2:33 Reviewing Chem, Physics, And Biochem could be fruitful

3:39 Demystifying The World

4:17 Syllabus

Manar Zeyad says:

i think you are very young to get but really u deserve it <big thanx

Warrior Yoga says:

Oh my goodness you cover biology and cant wait to see your take on human development I hope you cover the secondary curvature of the spine its so fascinating. Your right I wish science class was like this so I also subscribed.

Doyo Arero says:

Sir thank you so much

Man of the north says:

What am i? Supposedly i am refined pool of water and dirt.

Aggl Yusr says:

Please do a biochem series!

costanza marvel martha says:

literally explained all of the topics my college professor couldn't explain properly, thank you, you saved me!

Andrew Smith says:

0:38 I really hope to.

Reggie Kemp says:

I haven't reproduced and my parents are fine with that

super mariole says:

what is life ? baby don't hurt me

Sabiha Banu says:

Can u plz make a video on pollination in plants !!! It would be a great help ! Thanks for the videos u r just amazing !!!

Miguel Duarte says:

Professor Dave, I saw your comment on Dr Eric Bergs video about vitamin C and Ascorbic acid. Can you please tell me what foods should I eat to get the dosage I need? thank you

Also, I am doing a ketogenic diet, I ask you, can I follow this diet if I want to build muscle?

G. Mancus says:

Professor Dave does not explain in this video what is life, because he does not know himself.

amchedli says:

Your content is a hidden treasure of knowledge! will tell friends to subscribe.

Yaser AlNAbriss says:

Professor Dave Explains, the best explains I have ever watched

Saeid Momtahan says:

Professor Dave, you rock!

parwana mir says:

thanks, for all the videos. can u please do more on biology. 🙂

Jose Luis Silebo Riaco says:

bacteria are not made of cells. They're cells themself.

Matěj Jureček says:

Yay, biology! :3

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

Man, I love these videos. Been watching since forever. Then had a biochemistry course and actually used the biochem playlist in my studies. Lots of respect prof.

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