Ridiculous Personal Injury Advertisements

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A good laugh at the ridiculous commercials personal injury lawyers make.

Sean’s marketing: http://injurylawyerwin.com

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711 Hardcandy says:

I hire a lawyer out of the P____s law firm in Jacksonville,/Orlando  , it will be a cold day in Hell for me to ever hire him or recommend them  , infact , I mess up by not reading the back page of their Complaint review , most of the Hispanic gave Horrible reviews .

R S says:

in not gonna use a law suit to get ahead in life I wouldn't forgive myself. I have more pride than that

R S says:

why do you pursues want me to take people to court? so you get something out of it? shit happens get over it

Phillip Lanos says:

You're a genius.

Colin Robertson says:

How many 'Hammers' are there?! LOL

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