Homepage Design Secrets For a Highly Converting Website

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When it comes to your business website, you want conversions and plenty of ’em. So let’s start with the homepage. I’ll show you when it makes sense to include a lot of persuasive, conversion-focused content directly on your homepage, and when it might make more sense to just funnel people to other pages that might satisfy their unique interests.

I’ll also walk you through the 7 elements of a highly converting homepage design, with plenty of real-world examples along the way.

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dom233 says:

this is one excellent video.

dom233 says:

to points; if you are going to make it all about you, then a blog page is the obvious
secondly, I perceive entry and exit pop ups as intrusive; but I can tolerate a delay in these pop ups; but still, i hate pop ups, because I no longer feel in control of my sujrfing experience.
So what alternative top pop ups could you recommend?

Adam Gustafsson says:

I've got a lot of value from your videos. I've seen most om them now! Your're awesome. Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer Childs says:

loved the video Thanks!

Daiyah Sayed says:

Everything you said was amazing! Thank you!

Llama Momma Company says:

Implemented what you mentioned in this video conversion rate went from 0.3% to 0.9% in one day! from $600 to $2500 in sales in one day! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Obinna He says:

Very useful video on website design and how to build a profitable site.. Great ideas

KM Pain and Movement Specialist says:

Excellent channel

Graham George says:

Love your channel man! How do you get those dynamic icons moving?

Lindy Town, USA - Spokane's Vintage Swing Resource says:

Do you have any advice for cresting good copy for your site?

Scott Foster says:

Great video, love it. Would you consider doing a video like this speaking more towards mobile interfaces? I’m curious your thoughts, as I see my sites overwhelmingly become more mobile visitors only.

Keep up the great work!

Joshuma Cavanagh says:

My home page is looking soooo freaking good now. Thanks, Ive liked and subscribed 😀 Next stop sales page

Constantin Caluda says:

Another question: How about using a background video as a hero role?

Toni Massanet says:

Hey man, I just discovered your channel and I'm loving your content! Since you haven't talked about this on your video, I was wondering what's your input about Donald Milller's (from storybrand) advice to include an element of failure right after the Hero section in the homepage. He says that the only reason someone is buying from you (product o service) is because they have a problem they want to solve. He calls it the cost of failure section, and says that it acts like a hook for the user to get engaged and start imagining that problem being solved by you. Would you recommend puting that section on the homepage?

Constantin Caluda says:

Hei! Great video again. Q: The first CTA button should be on the above fold. Under the h2….or at end after benefits, futures?

Courtney Kim says:

From 10:27 is someone rocking out next door? Or do you have a backing track?

Erick Olazaba says:

This is really good content! Lots of value.

Mr. Sandman says:

This video was very helpful – thank you! I do have a question that I hope can be answered. Can you recommend a site or sites that offer icon packs, either free or premium? I'd like to move beyond Font Awesome as I find their icons to be fairly plain, not too mention everyone uses them. What do the pros use for icon packages? Is it common for them to make their own?

ConeSilly Valley says:

Succint, fantastic, to the point A+ tips.

Jennifer Boddie says:

Great video! I love your concise approach, I hate it when people ramble like those Clickfunnels guys. I am in the process of creating my site, and since I don't have any $, I am using Google sites, for now. It's not bad, and has many features I find useful, and you can see how your site will look on major devices before publishing. So after watching this, I am redoing my homepage to match what you presented. Thanks for the information.

Clashing Cave says:

How do they form that logos what the code they put is. ..

G. Zein Insurance Services says:

Great video, thank you , will you help me improve my homepage only?

Denis Otto says:

your content is to the point and awesome. subscribed! thanks for your value. I've already implemented some of the tips that are applicable.

Wayne W Bishop says:

Incredible content!

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