Waiting for the Barbarians Red Carpet | 76TH VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL | Johnny Depp

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09.06.2019 The red carpet of the film Waiting for the Barbarians in 2019 Venice International Film Festival
Ciro Guerra, Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp, Gana Bayarsaikhan


Giovanni Mineo says:


Fatima TS says:

Proud of you Gana ..Beautiful Mongolian in hollywood ,,,yayhooo .God bless you X

Jack Macpherson says:

Fuck that. These crowds are like vultures. Have they no self respect or dignity?

Nazia Misakova says:

Джонни Депп!!! ты самый лучший киноактер на планете земля ты Супер!!!!Браво !!!!!! Джонни Депп!!!!!

Pamela Masuku says:

Okay but, can we talk about how gorgeous the Miss in the white is looking. A flame.

Antonio Valdespino says:

Johnny looks so healthy again, good for him.

MOICA Agency says:

Proud to be a Wonderful Mongolian, Proud of you Ganchimeg (Gana)

Hotstop Kid says:

Where is this?? Women here are gorgeous

Chest Rockwell says:

Look at all the children waiting to praise douche bag Hollywood garbage. Hero worship is a clear sign of weakness

Evan Arapis says:

Johnny deserves to be a huge, international star more than any other actor in Hollyweird, he was very wise regarding his movie choices since the early 90s.. We'll never see him in my country..

Shankar .N says:

He Will Always Be My Fav Actor……Johnny Depp

Draegoune says:

press yelling is unforgivable

vale yes says:

he’s so cute

Chelsie Hennessy says:

He is so sweet. I love how caring he is with everyone, especially his fans. <3 He's the best actor ever!

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