US Removed Top Spy From Russia In 2017: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The CIA exfiltrated one of its top spies from Russia after officials became concerned he was in danger of being caught, according to new reporting.
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US Removed Top Spy From Russia In 2017: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Julie Henderson says:

Trump was actually truthful. " I know nothing." Hogans Heroes!

Anthony Rinaldi says:

Hahaha- THIS IS FAKE NEWS- the spy was pulled before Trump got into office- you Democrats are real idiots- LIES LIES LIES

Walt Snow says:

Saw on Daily Kos that this CIA spy had info of Russia's meddling in the 2016 elections……TA – DA !!!!!!

Amazing Reviews says:


FortCC says:

Kremlin Trump is the no. 1 asset of Putin. Followed by Moscow Mitch and KGB Barr.

Jim Menard says:

Your Fake Lying Report is putting People in danger that's why Lying maddow is getting sued for 10 Million dollars.good luck paying that.fake Lying news msnbc is VERY DANGEROUS TO AMERICA.

Integer says:

there is the picture where he passed such an important information? a picture? where is a audio wtf??????

Darrin Myers says:

But i don't understand did you notice how the democrats waited in tell election is over befor thay wonted to see how was going to win first the democrats new if turmp one the presidentse he would go after obama Hillary Muller for uranium one for the treason they committed so they invented the Russia collusion hoax to get ahead of turmp and the investigation that wold come win turmp was elected Avery body noes it thay are going to prison time is Avery thing turmp 2020

bluezinnia847 says:

The only thing Trump the Fraud knows how to do…is he loves to lie to cover-up for his terrible corruption against OUR USA! Jail Trump ASAP! Trump will forever be known as the most horrible, terrible President and held the most corrupt government in our Country!!! He and his staff are the most corrupt people ever in our government…and he continues to invite Russia! OMG!

Darryl Thompson says:

No there didn’t he still in the Oval Office and head of the republicans party Moscow Mitch

Vortex Scale says:

There still a top Russian Spy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C

Pat Isaac says:

Remember Helsinki!

Tania Elliott says:

I hope they protect him from him

Jay Gibson says:

The CIA said you are fake news.
One habitual adulterer calling out another one.

Stasia R says:

trump got rid of the spy for Putin ..
probably to get help with 2020 ,this sh*t is crazy!!!

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