Space Engineers – Solar Sun Tracker No Script Programming

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Solar panels are so under utilized in space engineers but is the a system that allows them to continuously track the sun as well as output the maximum amount of power.
NO SCRIPT (sun Tracker)

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Piyush Jain says:

you should get a call from NASA

Anthony Maduri says:

Did they get rid of the part of "edit" on programmable blocks that lets you pull scripts from the workshop? I can't find the option anymore???

Koala Spruce says:

This is a very clever design. Love the simplicity of the concept

Christopher G says:

As for simple solutions using vanilla blcoks, I did manage to make a distance sensor a while ago. It only needs sensors, power, timers and about 4 blocks of space. A programming block to read out the values is optional.
The limited range of vanilla sensor only makes it useable as a automatic door or parking Assist, but modded sensors could drastically increase it's usefullness:

Nick Grimz says:

Is there a xenomorph mod in space engineers?

schattensonner says:

Haven´t seen this kind of SunTracking Solution for quite a while – like for years.. A time of DX9 , without Programmable blocks..
Its interesting to see this principle re-emerge from the void – into a new Engineer´s mind..

Christopher G says:

I remember trying to build something like that. I made the baseline "solar power gas station", to recharge your batteries off. But even with scripts at the day, I never managed to get the allingment to work. There simply was no way to read out the power produciton of a panel back in the day.

I never considered having the whole station rotate on a passive device. I am not sure it would even work for my "gas station" design, as ships will often be docked to "refuel" them, drastically changing the mass of the whole thing.

Nordic Beast says:

That's pretty clever.

KorgannKube says:

Amazing principle ! I'll add this to my personal knowledge database 😀

The Fallout Phoenix says:

When i get to play SE i want my ships to be designed with detachable batteries via merge blocks that can be attached to solar farms and exchanged for charged batteries

MingTuck Chung says:

No timer block? Don't get it…

Dion Newcomb says:

It's quite ingenious, I honestly thought it was setup using a few gyros that where over-ridden and just slowly rotating in the direction of the suns path. However using panels to power gyros to make it all turn in direction of where the power is coming from – brilliant.

Nova Viper Dwagon says:

Oh wow, Emmm… I gave the guy resources when we were playing the survival server and he build this on the server, Glad to see he finaly released a cleaner version!!!

The Red Naxela says:

I can just imagine having an asteroid cluster covered completely in solar panels, with a massive dock and a battery store room bigger than any ship, that acts as a recharging station, especially on a larger survival server.

Or maybe instead of an asteroid cluster a planet

TimOFFon says:

Parody of Scott Manley?

AI D.O.G.E says:


A volcano says:

Wait a minute… "And as always, thank you for watching and there will be a link to this awesome design in the description below." Where is the "And I'll see you next time."!? ARE YOU JUST GONNA ABANDON US DUDE!?!

Nick Young says:

Yeah, I was not that fancy on my first base, i just put a cockpit and a gyroscope on a solar panel array mounted to a vertical and horizontal rotor setup so i could hop in the cockpit and just use the gyroscope's power to point the cockpit directly facing the sun (the manual method). It worked pretty well for my first attempt at a base. With more experience I'd try this setup though!

ODjWizardO says:

Hi all thanks for the good feedback the grid is on the steam workshop so have a look and a play and i will try to make a planetary one soon

Sinaduel says:

"It would work on a Keen server"

Mike Norris says:

I love this….as someone who has attempted multiple times to use timers and gyros to match the sun rotation, this is by far so much simpler that it makes me smile. Kudos!

SONIC1256 says:

But is it ram resistant?

Schoen Perkins says:

Any one know if theres a way to make these work under gravity?

Alpha-5 says:

This is a rather ingenious way of doing this, props to the designer and tanks to Arron for sharing this 🙂

James Vann says:

Once you said there was separate grids I know may suspicion on how it worked where likely correct

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