Busy Work Week in my Life | Graphic Designer in DC

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Helloooo everyone! I hope you enjoy this work week in my life video. I’m slowly but surely adjusting to the adult life in Washington DC working a corporate job and have loved documenting the entire process for you all, from my apartment, business professional outfit of the days, and lots and lots of coffee. Open for links to my social media and any products mentioned in the vid!

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+ airbnb travel credit – www.airbnb.com/c/amyr4097

+ amyrauchyt@gmail.com

+ Black Express jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2PAGpJG
+ Cheetah print dress – http://bit.ly/2PD8z6Z
+ Star tank – http://bit.ly/34jqB1i
+ Black pants – http://bit.ly/2PD8PTv
Comment if I’m missing any and I’ll be sure to add them 🙂

+ FTC- This video is not sponsored, some links above may be affiliate links. 110% honest, 110% of the time.

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Chelsey Abbott says:

OMG Im going to the Jonas Brothers concert in Oct!!!! Woo

Chelsey Abbott says:

I really love that tank top and jacket outfit. It's really really cute and it looks so good on you

Madison Tolman says:

I’ve never tried accutane but I had skin issues that were very similar to yours so I tried curology and now my skin is soooo much better!

Elina Kristin says:

Really enjoy these vlogs! 🙂
Could you maybe film a more in depth morning and evening routine?

nicole rissy says:

You need a better camera . Still like the video though

emma leigh says:

Would love to hear about your accutane journey!! I think a before and after would be better and more detailed:)

Kelly says:

I love seeing your outfits! I'd love to see what you pack for lunch/make for dinner // food you buy! I always love grocery hauls too. Keep up the great content!

Cassandra Collins says:

I think splitting the videos in a before, during and after would be helpful so you can go more in depth in each stage! Also, the comment about the dress thing was so accurate lol

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