Best Kia Commercial Advertisement 2017

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Best Kia Commercial Advertisement 2017


juan carlos says:

Sorry not Kia, I buy only Toyota.

Baran Erdogan says:

bored, feels not original..

naveen kumar says:

Last one is awesome

KARMA 1101 says:

First ad is mock up

Admin Hacked says:

Kia comes up with childish ads..

Ronald Hagendorens says:

good action against stupid women

Mahesh Devanga says:

KIA it's a brand no one can touch

Nitish Kumar says:

They are damn good with there ads

availablehage says:

Kia is jinxed

firdaus omar says:

at last ads. what that girl in orenge/peace dress doing?

Adam Yann says:

i just wanna know where the first video original?

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