Why Is Lyme Disease Getting Worse?

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Lyme disease is spreading like wildfire around the world: here’s why.

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Credits (and Twitter handles):
Script Writer: Peter Reich
Script Editor: David Goldenberg (@dgoldenberg)
Video Illustrator: Arcadi Garcia Rius (@garirius)
Video Directors: David Goldenberg & Julián Gómez (@ittakesii)
Video Narrator: Alex Reich (@alexhreich)
With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Kate Yoshida, Ever Salazar
Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder



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MinuteEarth says:

We drew the Canadian flag incorrectly. Our sincere apologies to all our Canadian viewers (and our Canadian team members). Sorry!

David Aung says:

1:15 Pikachu, The Mouse Pokémon
An Electric Type

Mojosfire says:

Lyme disease is a worldwide epidemic, and all of the US is affected by it, not just northern states. I'm from Florida, got bit by a tick, and very sick from it ever since, plus co infections to boot, Babesia, and Erlichia to name a couple. What's worse I got bit by something again since I was tested, and took pics, because I didn't know much about Lyme at the time, I assumed the bite was a spider bite, since friends said that's what it probably was, until I showed my doc who said it looked like a tick bite, so now I have to be retested, as since that bite, my lymph nodes have had so much pain and problems, and very stiff neck. I have a constant high white blood cell count, and I'm anemic, this all added to the health problems including huge neuro problems I've already been having previously from my first tick bite. Lyme is a very very serious worldwide concern, even a few cases found in Egypt, and I know Australia has some huge problems of it there according to what I've read and seen.

Christopher allen says:

oil of oregano wipes out Lymes disease ( 50% carvacrol ) or more 3 doses of 20 drops per day for 7 days….your welcome….think, people.

Tak Smith says:

Ok, I had that rush like 8 or 9 years ago. The ring grew and grew and than that thing disappeared. I had no idea what it was. Does anybody know what should I do now? Am I in danger? Or are there any other reasons for such a rush?

TRC / The Real Catherine says:

Anyone see Pikachu in 1:11 ? I saw him!

Monk Tyson says:

Liberal Idiot is spreading the lie about the "Climate Change".

the price time says:

Did anyone see the pekachu?

Murkish says:



researchfiend says:

docs at least in the USA are determined to remain as clueless as they ever were about Lyme… lyme disease is biological warfare and was deliberately released on the masses… one major scientist released hard shell ticks to the inland northwest…those ticks are very very hard to kill .. I suspect it is used as population control and to make people sick and tired… too sick to resist the evil in the world… what matters is being spiritually alive…. in this dead realm… to get out of the matrix of saturn..satan…

Fabiha Lilian says:

Easter egg at 1:09 it is Pikachu

TUBBX says:

There gotta be a solution to this problem!

Foxxo Catto says:

Opossums are the best

Iz Bizz says:

I saw a Lyme disease AD while watching this WHAAAATT

Matthew gaming says:

I had Lyme but I did not get the target

[GD] JayTSM says:

I'm ticked off by the lyme disease

Khylar Nordquest says:

A cure for the deases from ticks is being made if I'm right cuz I'm not a cure make it will be done at 2020 to 2021

SeanPlaysGames says:


Life On The Bipolar/Autism Express says:


Robbie Steel says:

Lyme disease: A disease that makes you only eat limes. jk

Ben Peterson says:

There's a new species called Kai wolf which are combination with coyote and wolf so are we don't be breathing with dogs mainly the rats and mice eating ones and set them into the wild and see what effect it has on those creatures we're likely they're going to eat them a lot

Casssidy Kelley-Vinton says:

OMG i have mice

Aaron Thy says:

Pile of mice has pikachu

Daniel Dam Olesen says:

I think I'm immune to ticks biting into me, because several times I've went to the forest, spent the whole next day indoors and found a tick walking on me still not attached to me. I guess they don't like my sweat-type and therefore never bite into me. Could also be a coincidence ofc, just seems weird that a tick would spend 24 hours still not attaching. Could also be that they actually bite into me and then don't like my blood type and immediatly release themselves after that. In that case I'm not safe. Does anybody know about this, whether they don't like certain types of sweat/blood?

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