Bahamas official says Hurricane Dorian is "situation that is hard to describe"

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Hurricane Dorian has made landfall at Elbow Cay in the Bahamas. Joy Jibrilu, director general of the Bahamas ministry of tourism, joins CBSN’s Elaine Quijano to talk about how the island is bracing for the monster Category 5 hurricane storm.


Charlotte_tewkesbury says:

Keep safe everyone from england

Panda Bear says:

God Bless you all

icewalow_come_ says:

The best way to start labor day, a freaking hurricane

D.A.L says:


Spasskyfan says:

Showing the same damn tree over & over again. Some reporting!

CodeX says:

oh look flat earthers. Satellite imagery being used to look at and predict the hurricanes movement LOL

Vishan Singh says:

Praying from India!!!

Ibrahim Mohamed says:

Is the market going up now?

May Tate says:

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pierluca niro says:

Trumph withdrew the US from the climate treaty.

Pinda Butter says:

Call this Hurricane Horus from Egypte, I believe my forfathers so come back to reality we can communicate with Him, i will ask Horus to Calm his wind by thursday everything will be Calm. just watch

Dutchess Eberline says:

The Reporter is like a 10 year old child with her stupid questions

Kuan wei yang says:

More and more hurricanes and typhoons sweeping northern hemisphere year by year and trump still said global warming is natural phenomenon.

Ricardo Menezes says:

Lamento o furacão Dorian, desejo a proteção de Deus sobre as vidas da população.
A paz de Jesus Cristo à todos.

ПРАВДА о cвидетелях Иеговы / JW / WT says:

ГАмериканцы продолжают строить дома из фанеры, которые разваливаются от пука…И эту сенсацию должен кушать весь мир, как их гамбургеры из резиновых коров)))

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