Focal therapy – prostate cancer treatment that doesn’t involve erectile dysfunction or incontinence

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UCLA urologist Leonard S. Marks, MD, is pursuing a new frontier in prostate cancer treatment — focal therapy, which uses various approaches to target cancer, resulting in fewer side effects. Meet the physician and his patients who traveled to UCLA as far as Florida for this effective therapy. The treatment is not for everybody, but for a large segment of the prostate-cancer population, UCLA offers something that has never been available before. Video for Vital Signs, a UCLA Health publication providing consumers with health news they can use.

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ferdinand blose says:

Other patients already affected by Doctors. Life is not fair. Wish I never undergone any of cancer tests, biopsy, prostatectomy. You already ruined our lives

Aubrey livecellstherapy says:

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ShyFox says:

there are fair number of claims in this video which are not true. For example, one is never cured of cancer, one may be without evidence of disease. Also, to gauge the efficacy of a treatment for prostate cancer, one must have ten years data at a minimum. If one consults you will see the treatment algorithms for your particular disease risk group. The Swedish study which randomized men into groups of treatment versus no treatment saw no change in outcomes until ten years of data. Focal therapy is experimental and UCLA should market it as such.

cooldog60 says:

I had this done about 6 months ago. I don't know if it is from this procedure or from getting Elgrad injections but i can not longer get an erection.

Jayden West says:

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Germán Sus says:

this sounds great . . I had a surgery robotic cancer prostate and its been a year and 3 months and still on incontinence . .is this normal ? how much of time i need to wait for the incontinence stops ?

Mandeep Mann says:

Can you please send me your contact details on

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