BREAKING NEWS: Corbyn: ‘Suspending parliament is not acceptable’

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Jeremy Corbyn has slammed the Prime Minister’s ‘smash and grab’ decision to suspend Parliament.

The Labour leader said Boris Johnson is ‘running away from parliament’ and going ‘against’ the interest of the majority of people in the UK.

Mr Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend parliament from the middle of next month, which will restrict MPs’ ability to block a no-deal Brexit.

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reddevil10 says:

I bet after this interview JC went back to his house and celebrated, everyone knows he wants out of Europe, A good piece of acting give that man an Oscar

matt black says:

Suspending parliament is undemocratic… ignoring the vote of the majority, that's ok.

1.4m views says:

We want to leave now

1.4m views says:

We already voted to leave

Mat Web says:

Anything is better than Jeremy Corybn.

Allan Hutton says:

Another communist outraged by lost democracy, the irony.

Fleur de Lys says:

Long live Corbyn

Allan Hutton says:

Shut up corbyn.

Blitz Gaming8HD says:

Poor Jeremy has only had 3 years give him some more time bless him. Corbyn will go down as one of the worst labour leaders in modern history can’t wait till they kick him out.

Jason Harrop says:

Politics gone crazy .

Johnny Frisco says:

It’s all just Dom taking back control…

ECO CHAD says:

Some how corbyn looks scruffier than Johnson

juzzlookin says:

All the crap we've put up with over the last three years is not acceptable. What Boris is doing is just what we need. Sort it out once and for all let's move on.

Colm Lane says:

So Brexit has been put to a referendum with a vote of 51.9% leave meaning the majority of the U.K population would like to leave the European union and now Corbyn after years of belligerent arguing wants to force us to remain. My question to Jeremy Corbyn would be if a Prime Ministerial vote was held and he won by the same margins as Brexit would he either swanny on into 10 Downing street as a victor or call for a re-vote??

BLITz says:

I thought the Muppets Show finished years ago!

Richard Todd says:

Says a guy who can’t decide on anything wanted a general election for 3yrs…now your gonna get one…and loose!!! Unconstitutional to deny democracy…don’t have a problem with that…1 person 1 vote, that’s democracy, majority makes the rules that’ll b 52%, & no I didn’t vote leave u hypocrite, power hungry loon,

Leonardo Summers says:

So what else is new, no difference to the current capital system of every man for themselves. Brexit will just mean every man ramp it up and sod the rest.

Robert Collier says:

That’s politics my friend hard lesson to learn hard facts to swallow that’s life

John 545 says:

And the irony is that Jeremy Corbyn has probably done more to create a no-deal Brexit than anyone. He voted against Theresa May's deal, and now wants to take no-deal off the table, which would give the EU absolutely no reason to renegotiate, leaving us with the deal that he voted against in the first place, inevitably leading to us leaving without a deal anyway…

scott cooper says:

Go Boris lock them out and take us out, as voted for by the majority

downey59 says:

because we voted to leave, not to leave clowns to deal with deals. OUT means OUT. we dont need any deal but EU need it badly. Thats makes UK great again

Keith Harris says:

If the likes of Corbyn and Bercow insist on behaving like stubborn cry babies in the Commons over Brexit, the PM is right to suspend parliament in the best interest of the UK….. Bravo that man…. I’m popping a bottle of bubbly when Boris delivers Brexit….

Mick Rob says:

Corbyn the democrat lolol he only believes in democracy when its in his interest,

Phillip Oleary says:

The further left people go, the further away from democratic process and free speech.

john gibbs says:

Mr corbyn is a stone cold loser…

Edmund Banks says:

Tell Corbyn the socialist bullshitter. Get over it.

Martin Stone says:

Corbyn is so desperate to be PM he will try every dirty trick in the book to become that even if that means getting into bed with lib dems, two faced piece of garbage just like the rest of his remoaner friends

Michael Hastie says:

I wouldn't give a dam if they blew the parliament up with all the traitors still in it, just as long it gets us the hell out of the EU.

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