The allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

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Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh is now facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Here’s a breakdown of the allegations. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Ong Xuanzong says:

No prove, no evidence and no witness. Everyone related said they do not remember. And the so called “victim” do not want to be public.
And the democrat all make up their mind the kavanaugh is guilty. Sick folks

Man tHaT sUcKs says:

Hmmm don't like Trump

Guitar73 T says:

Is there any evidence? Is this entire case based on personal testimony?

High5 says:

So apparently the last accuser would fallow these men around to parties at least 10 in her words, even though she knew that they were apparently cereal rapists yet said nothing to the authorities…..

Astro Ziga says:

Throw the rapist in jail. They all lie. I detest rapist to the core. I have never been molested but it just disgusting why people cause such pain on others. both men/women rapist don't deserve to breath.

PC Principal says:

Someone needs to get all these women back to their kitchens! Disgrace!

Robert Lulek says:

Why is it that the Democrats pull out these Witnesses from the 80s this is the same as Clarence Thomas with Anita Hill. why weren't charges filed against this man in the 80s why do these women come forward now when he is nominated as a Supreme Court Justice. Something's rotten in Denmark.

Yvon Desrosiers says:

If Ford or others are not a convinced and rage democrats , I am from Mars ……

Allison Cochran says:

If he was stumbling drunk just how the hell was he supposed to have assaulted her. I hope she cracks under pressure! Maybe now she wishes she hasn't brought it up after all these years

Cc Abberly says:

I don't believe anything he said

Survival Silly says:

Lock him up.

Survival Silly says:

What’s with the facial contortions? Is this a robot with a reset problem? Weird guy. Weird.


if the dimocrats are so concerned about abuse of women why aren't going after Keith Ellison beat up and broke a woman's eye socket
if this was bill Clinton who raped women he would be confirmed last week

Dan Rode says:

Even the frat boys wife is terrified of him. Dump the punk. Pathetic

mark allen says:

A sexual predator president nominates another sexual predator for the supreme court and the greedy republicans turn a blind eye just so their contributors can make more money? WTF

Fash out says:

447k subs, 922 views, lol

Lukas Dziubalski says:

So now you will start hearing feedback from more individuals. Outrageous… I can see a little Trump in him.

Laszlo Zoltan says:

he's obviously thinking he should have bought the bigger couch

Sonja Voigt says:

Supreme Court is a court with few, lifelong judges and a lot of weight for America's future!Once a fake human chosen, the future is the bad way!

Hildebeast Clinton says:

Dana Carvey Ford is a fraud.

Armando Garcia says:

Present day Eddie Haskell. Story includes everything but being molested choir boy.

Christine B says:

female to male

charlotte pingley says:

Lock all them create up and here we have 100.0000 million people there are a trailer of American we are praying and fasten for justice for thereafter make a storying if this happen you wood remember everything I was I remember all and gave my son up now I have piecing back to me

Keirah Johnston says:

"Do not lie in wait oh wicked woman, against the dwelling of the righteous; Do not plunder his resting place; For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again, BUT the wicked shall fall by calamity " (Proverbs 24:15-16). THIS IS A WARNING IN THE BIBLE ! A warning NOT to mess with the righteous bc if you do, you will come out on the short end of the stick.! ! ! !

Donovan says:

Brett Kavanaugh is innocent because "rape" was not listed on his calendar for those days. In fact, those days were specifically marked for bible study and prayer. Irrefutable proof that he is innocent. … and the "Government Of Putin" is doing a fine job.

RPostVideos says:

I keep reading comments about her being "friendly" with the boys and liking to party so she was asking for it. It wouldn't matter if she were a prostitute, she didn't deserve to be sexually assaulted! Stop victim blaming!

Edward Stack Sr says:

Why does Blasey Ford have to read off a written script? Her testimony is completely written as a script. That alone makes her look phony! She can't remember what happened that night? Who wrote the script for her? Why is she so nervous reading the script? This makes me disbelieve her. She is a tramp looking for attention! She feels sorry for herself. She is a VERY sick woman.

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