Biology Basics

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Moronvideos1940 says:

I downloaded this Thank you

slippery soap says:

aquatic grass

Took Varunee says:

Great, thank you for sharing

Alex Villegas says:

Hacu huhai 🙂 रंगत

sara nada says:

Hello Thank you for sharing the Video it s so interesting … I am an English teacher Please can you tell me what shall i teach to my biology learners, well English is their second language they study biology in French ) they have difficulties in speaking and writing in English , I want to put their prior knowledge in biology and the English language together …but i am not a science teacher , I found difficulties to select content ….i don't know what topics or tasks should i introduce to them to make them more interested in the lecture and develop their skills

jessica s says:

Great video! What is the book that is referenced for further reading in this video?

Digambar Patil says:

Great…Thank you!

Carlos J. says:

Thank you Professor Amann, I am 50 years old and going to be in my first College Biology class this Spring. Biology has been one of my favorite subjects. I am grateful that I found your videos.

Jessica Gardner says:

I have really been struggling in my Biology class this semester and this video really helped me to connect some dots!! Thank you so much for the work that was put into this video.

Jonathan Gervais says:

this all we should know about biology

Ryanhus91 says:

Hey dude, thank you for the video! I'm trying my hardest to learn biology before I join university this fall to study animal care. I have no prior experience with biology, do you have any tips what I should focus on studying? I want to go with as much knowledge as I can so I'm fully prepared for class and won't fall short. (I am watching your videos too) Thanks!

ᄒᄉᄒMira says:

Thank you so much!!

Nico Perez y Dela Peña says:

I appreciate the hard work u put into this vid. helps a lot 🙂 Thank you sir

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