Top 5 F1 Underdog Performances in 2019 So Far…

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Heroic fight backs to surprise podiums, Formula 1 has thrown up surprise stars in the first half of the 2019 season…

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hansik xd says:

Where is kubica's point?

Wiktoria Tokarska says:


Arnau Viñals says:

Where the hell is the Sainz comeback in Austria???

jaybie Lolits says:

Who tought it was underdog(the hero dog)?

Vikranth Reddy says:

What about Sainz in Austria ? He cam from p19 to p8 and did most number of overtakes than anyone

YouthEnergy says:

1:53 Super Mario Norris.

雜草變態 says:

When I see this, I have more smile on my face rather then watching those three team win again.
Great job! Thank u all for this half season.

Jafemago says:

1:53 Super Lando Bros!!

epa says:

1:52 Lando or Mario???

Iván Martín Jiménez says:

Sainz is on fire..

Maciej Ryszkiewicz MSF Trainer says:

"KYVAT" should be "KVYAT" HAHAHA somebody really isn't paying attention 😀 #kvyat

Szpadel Peel says:

Hahhah Russell P16 is there but Kubica P10-probably only point for Williams isnt. F1 media is full of bullshit, and Buxton is also one of it.

Maciej Ryszkiewicz MSF Trainer says:

If really one point of Robert Kubica isn't enough to make this list you are really not looking….

Teo Cars says:

What about Stroll 4th in Germany?

razor787 says:

Lol George Russel's 'underdog' performance is qualifying P16? Shows just how bad that Williams car is.

VonMakaron says:

P16 for Russell "epic qualifying" is this a joke? I know that he is british and they are doing everything to promote him but cmon. Not even mention 1pt for Kubica in Germany? that was a miracle.

Pleyx says:

P4 from stroll at hockenheim?

Kottaimuthu Shrinithi says:

Why is Vettel not on it:((

Anruimentair says:

It sounds weird that p16 is an underdog performance…

Prof. Woodhouse says:

1:52 lando sounds like super mario

Lukas Mihara says:

1:51 This always reminds me of Super Mario

den w says:

I wouldnt call Sainz an underdog

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