Microbiology – Viruses (Structure, Types and Bacteriophage Replication)

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Isabelle Vermeulen says:

Such awesome and explanatory videos! Love the drawings

TheFenerbahceSK says:

So are viruses alive?

Rishelle Ann Calunod says:

Your videos really helped me in understanding pathophysiology of diseases

Shafaq Noor says:

wow! your drawing is too good… and video is so much helpful… thanks

Common Sense A Super Power says:

If I had a teacher like you in high school, I would be a microbiologist now

עידן פאר says:

The smallest infectious particle is a prion.

Margarida Teixeira says:

Where’s more things about virology?

sabina sharma adhikari says:

Please help me to know about icosahedral and helical nucleocapsid

Navya Navya says:

I love the way u teach sir

Ana Paulina Pérez Contreras says:

I'm a fan!! Good, easy to understand explanations, awesomely good drawings! I love your videos, thank you!!

손가놈 says:

where's the next video, "in human version"? T.T

car says:

Are you also an artist?

Secretus says:

Nice video. A small correction: you mentioned the size of viruses as being 1-2 micrometers. However, most viruses are much smaller (1-2micrometers is typically the size of bacteria). Viruses are usually in the order of several tens or hundreds of nanometers (so 0,02 to +- 0,5 micrometers). Exceptionally large viruses can be up to 1 micrometer in length.

Yadamakanti sravya reddy says:

Please post on TV virus how to draw it

Merriam Webster says:

nice explaination….good

Fatuma Salat says:

Very helpful! Has anyone found part 2?

a very demented introvert says:

I'm a plague inc fanatic, I'm here to educate myself on the reality of different illnesses. This was interesting

Hakuna Matata -Medical Student says:

Hi ! Thank you very much
Is the second part posted yet?

OvaisoniC says:

2nd Part ???

OvaisoniC says:

2nd Part ???

Kill La Kill Yourself says:

Studying applied biology right now. Interesed in eventually going for a master in virology. This is so fucking interesting. Thank you for these videos.

Ram aakhe to band apne aap ho jati hai Kumar says:

Words on white board should be clear sir.

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