What a Panic Attack Feels Like

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Let’s talk about panic attacks. They suck.

I hated having panic attacks so much that I locked myself into my apartment and didn’t want to leave because they’re the worst experience ever. You feel like you are going to die and that you are going crazy.

The sequence of my panic attacks was always the same. I would think something horribly wrong was about to happen. I would start thinking about it over and over and obsessing over what could happen if that thing actually occurred and then my heart rate would start to go up. I would start sweating and the left side of my body would start to go numb and then I would freak out and think I was dying and my mind started playing this loop that said I was going crazy.

I wanted a technique that would prevent me from having a panic attack and I talked to therapists who gave me effectively useless exercises. Like just tap your fingers , like this over and over and over; just count to seven each time you tap it.

It was a weird distraction that made me feel even crazier… so I came up with an even CRAZIER method to control my panic attacks, which actually worked.

You’re going to think it’s ridiculous but I swear on my life, I actually did this and it truly did dissolve my panic attacks and stop them from happening and the way that I did this was talking in the voice of a ridiculous character. Instead of fighting my worries, instead of resisting the thoughts in my head I brought them out in the open.

If you want to try it right now, practice saying your worries out loud in a ridiculous voice for the next sixty seconds. Just do it nonstop in the same voice.

Don’t think to yourself: “Why isn’t this working? Why am I not relaxed?”

Just focus on the sound of your voice and how ridiculous you sound. Start throwing in hand gestures if it feels natural and just notice how you feel while you’re trying this little experiment.

It’s goofy, it’s crazy, but it just might work for you.


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Akiraxian17 Ayrenn says:

i can totally relate to this omg and this is actually happening to me right now

Holli Barker says:

Ok now that we’ve established that this is a creative tool…anyone gonna mention how cute he is. That’s a distraction 🙂

Luke Reed says:

the part when he said when the side of his body went numb well that doesn't happen to me when I have a panic attack I start losing my hearing and the will to move my hands and the inside of my throat begins to start hurting and it always gets harder to breathe and my chest hurts there is nothing I can do about it its like I'm about to have a seizure or something for real

Austin Tyler Rice says:

I'm going back to school day 2 I'm stressed out for real

Fox Waffle says:

Play some Minecraft I swear to god it helps

TheJellyTaco says:

I overthink and start twitching, it sucks so much.

little rabbit says:

i am here to understand my friend.. she got a panic attack when i was with her and i feel useless for not knowing exactly how to make her feel better.

Royce Kyle Corbell says:

I always thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack worst feeling ever.

Reese Albert says:

I just had one two hours ago and it’s coming back

floraloranges says:

I had one earlier today. I dont even remember what triggered it but I couldn’t see or breathe, my arms and face went numb and I felt just super fuzzy/crackly all over??? And overall it was just not a fun experience

angel lilly says:

I had horrible panic attacks for a whole month. I had them every 5-15 minutes, just while reading, cleaning my pool it’d randomly happen. It was so bad I couldn’t feel my wrists. It was all tingly and felt “itchy”, they wouldn’t stop until hurt my wrists. I started scratching my wrists until I bled because it was THAT bad. If I didn’t do it the tingles wouldn’t go away. I’d also have them in my chest, I’d just hit myself. I was NOT suicidal. I didn’t hurt myself because I wanted to die.

sunflower . seeds says:

I was at the store and a dude started walking towards me really fast. Turns out he was just going to his friend but then I got a panic attack.

hakametal says:

You have got to be shitting me. The left side of your body goes numb too??? SO DOES MINE. You are the first person I've seen describe it so much like mine. I started thinking it was MS or diabetes, and I feel a little bit better knowing that other people have this feeling too.

Landon Makpah says:

I had a panic attack when my best friend made out with my crush, I felt so heart broken…

Danielle Dan says:

I did have panic attack whenever i get triggered from the smallest thing.. god i hated this.. 🙁 it was so embarrassing..

Z A says:

I used to think panic attacks where a joke and all in your head and people who got them where dumb….then i got one…its no joke

kiddo Chris? says:

I felt my heart racing and blood pumping to my brain before it happened i felt blood rushing from my heart to my throat and felt my body get a tingling feeling making me numb i felt forgetfulness and felt nothing was real and it was all a dream hearing me going crazy hearing my heart and feeling it as the feeling i was gonna die if i fall asleep and begging my friends to keep me awake because i would freeze and shut my eyes i felt i was in my own world and the memories from it are almost faded like a dream you wake up from crazy stuff worst feeling ever

Samantha Werner says:

I had this last night and it was so bad I thought I wasn’t gonna make it home from work because my heart was acting weird and I was shaking a lot and my chest was so tight

Just a girl says:

I never had them and I’m really glad I didn’t but it sounds terrible I’m so sorry for everyone who had them

Angel Ryan says:

This was really helpful :') i watched this while having one and it helped to remind me that i was having a panic attack in the first place. that i wasnt going crazy or dieing xD thankyou.

labington says:

"you feel like you are going crazy" you are going crazy.

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