a day in the life of a software engineer

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a typical and not at all fictional day in my life as a software engineer in san francisco, california

this video is an homage to mayuko’s original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqX8PFcOpxA

Hope you enjoy my goofy take on this video. Cheers!

I’ll be answering questions in the comments!

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Jarvis Johnson says:

The sequel has arrived: https://youtu.be/ttMQ7ZqU-UY

ALI ABDI says:

This guy sounds like those nerds you see on cartoons lol

Xav Dest says:

I'm convinced this is parody

Jonathan Hernandez says:

Idk why but I feel like this dude was one of them annoying ass dudes back in school that I would just want to punch in the face

Silent says:

krabby patty is pretty lol

Nima Qotaslu says:

Your office is such a beautiful place I have ever seen

MIke Caldwell says:

This guy is an idiot and far from being a professional software engineer. Look at him and his co-workers. They don't look like the could figure out how to balance a checkbook let alone develop any real production complex software. Would you want your airplane controlled by software written by this fool? Of course not. I am sure he writes kindergarten software and nothing that takes any real brains

P&A Tech says:

I also want to become a Software Engineer and Ethical hacker

Diversion G says:

5:15 That's me right now

Michael Chang says:

Cool video.

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