ALL ABOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN: answering your questions

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Hi hi! welcome new designers and non-designers alike. enjoy! if you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me a DM on instagram 🙂

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Shot on Canon 77D, 18-55mm lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro by Matty

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Danicanod says:

Hey Kel, I've watching your videos for a while and I really like these kind of content. Hope you do more of this. Great video!

nicozica says:

I'm sure you have a bright future ahead! Loved the video of the coffee shop logos redesigns. Cheers from Buenos Aires!

findingbelle says:

i'm currently in my last year of high school and i'm planning to apply for graphic design in college and !!! this video makes me so excited to pursue a career in the design/creative industry… so thank you for this!

Riley Urquhart says:


HeyItsEmma861 says:

Can u do a day in the life at your office! Im a graphic design students and id love to see the projects you do for your job

Hayliz07 says:

Kidddpixx was the shit

jana says:

i saw nine seconds of this video, paused, and subscribed

kirst says:

I just found you and wanted to say this was wonderful, I just finished my arch degree but prefer the graphic design aspect and your video nailed everything down to a t

Lydia_ah28 says:

just had a mental breakdown about now knowing what to do after highschool..this video popped up in my recommended and i never knew all of my likes could be combined into a job thank you for this the world works in wonderful ways:)

J J says:

Kid Pix Kid Pix, common and play with Kid Pix.

Nathan Schaefer says:

Kid Pix on a iMac G3 was so cool back in the day

Noemad The Drifter says:

I did go to school for graphic design but did NOT get a degree and currently work full time as a graphic designer for a vinyl car wrap company that pays me very well!! it is 100% doable to get a career without the degree! BUT it is VERY hard work!

camille drouin says:

I'm in the middle of a mid-life crisis (at 23) and I'm having doubt if graphic design is the good career for me and honestly you are giving me some motivation 😀

Maddy O says:

I feel like you’re having a Haley Blais moment with the vibrant hair + sweatshirt combo

M R says:

we love kid pix

Jarrett Nelson says:

hello! I’m a recent subscriber but I’m already enjoying your videos a lot. I m going into my first semester in college this fall for graphic design and wanted to see what type of laptop you recommend for this type of creative work? considering I’d like my device to last long as I’d want to use it once get into the field after college! thanks so much!

Monica says:

Do you have sketch and do you think it's worth it to pay for all the different types of software that different job postings mention, or do you think you can argue successfully that you'll be able to learn them quickly enough? Right now I'm struggling with job apps calling for experience with things other than adobe creative suite :/

Tchel Panganiban says:


BlakeRBolton says:

OH MY GOD Kid Pix! That is the most nostalgic thing ever, I've been trying to remember the name of that program for yearssss, that was my entire life as a kid. I also had a bootlegged version of Photoshop when I was younger lol.

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