Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria – PBS Frontline

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October 22, 2013 Has the age of antibiotics come to an end? From a young girl thrust onto life support in Arizona to an uncontrollable outbreak at one of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals,.

Watch the full-length episode at (US Only) Coming Oct. 22nd

Watch an excerpt from the FRONTLINE documentary Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria, which airs Tuesday, Oct. 22 on most PBS television stations. Drug-resistant bacteria lurks in hospitals: in.


Apt Albatross says:

soap and water bois

cnnsucksballs says:

Over use of antibiotics is the cause of this. Most infections will clear up on there own if treated with the right holistic medicine.

The Blasphemous Gospel says:

Guess we’ll just die then…

VibeX MaTxeMa says:

india gives colistrin to chickens

Saganimations says:


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