World War A – When Aliens Attack Full Space Science Documentary

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Leading scientists and researchers weigh in on the scenarios that might unfold if aliens find us and decide to visit Earth. Should we even be searching for extraterrestrial life? What are the risks of reaching out, and what are the risks if the Earth is “found” by aliens?

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Steven Schulte says:

If they're coming they want our resources.

Raymond raymondson says:

We think that aliens are savages with stupid religions like us.

Smart Ass says:

That's assuming there are other life forms out there. And it's also assuming that life is intelligent, and if that life is technologically advanced enough to travel through space. And it's assuming there close enough to get here.

Success By Any Means Necessary says:

We are in the ghetto of the universe. Why would aliens want to visit us? What could we teach them?

Ace says:

IMO, the most likely scenario for alien first contact (if there are far more advanced than us, it's always possible we might stumble across a civilization that's slightly less advanced than us, like one still in its feudal iron age), it would probably be in not a hostile OR "friendly" gesture, but a condescending one, like in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Aliens: Hey, uh, we noticed you guys are slaughtering each other recklessly and damaging your environment beyond repair. You MIGHT want to stop that. Just saying."

no use for a name says:

They're all ready here.. living amongst us



Kevin Roy Nucum says:

Only white people panic like it's the end of the world.

tony p says:

Nothing new.

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