MIS2018: “Top 10” Medical Innovations: 2019

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Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 list of breakthrough technologies for the coming year has become an international sensation. Join us again as Dr. Mike Roizen and a panel of ten Clinic leaders roll out these much anticipated selections.


sunny sharma says:

no 3 is well known,no need of breakthrough damm its 2019 and still research

Jae duk Seo says:

thank you for this

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Bill says:

I am doing research for 3D printing. It is life changing 🙂

sumaya issa says:

The 6th woooh subhaana allah

CIS News Network says:

nice video #CIS_News_Netwok


that guy reminds me of the short guy in incredibles the boss. and harry osborn mixed

AnastasiaRoo says:

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onlythewise1 says:

twenty years from now were all most curing something ,only need another 100 billion of tax money

onlythewise1 says:

say ,we cant cure much of anything but we can make you feel better for a price , why cure anyone when you can make billions off of making you feel better and only millions curing someone

Baka The Genius says:

Can someone please read this and see if it’s a good idea … yk how cars have code scanners? How the check engine light comes on and then someone can hook up a code scanner and see what the problem is… what if someone invented something (idk maybe nanobots to reside in the bloodstream) that monitored how the body was behaving and then doctors could just hook up a device (kinda like a code scanner) , read the information from the nano bots and if not know exactly what’s happening to a person .. then at least have a general idea

Patrik says:

AI in healthcare is #1 but they downplayed the implications – it will eliminate so much waste and redundancy in the system. Everyone will have a personal AI doctor available 100% of the time – always responsive with no waiting time. It will be constantly updated with the latest research and data. Sensors and test-equipment will not only be able to diagnose you when you're ill, you'll be made aware of issues in real-time well before they break out – so illness can be prevented.

Also if there is an flu epidemic in your local area, you'll be made aware of it, and outbreaks can be contained. There will be much less travelling to a physical building to visit a doctor, no more waiting for care – there will be physical labs for more advanced testing, but much of that will be automated as well.

Now there isn't really much preventing this from happening today – the knowledge, AI, sensors and equipment is already out there… but the implication for the industry is enormous as is the benefit to people.

Dr. Christian Hirsch says:

Sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

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