Are Film Festivals Worth it?

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If you’re looking into film fests- this is a question you have to ask yourself. Are they actually worth it?

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Any questions about Film ask away!! Anything you want me to cover? Let me know!! I’m also happy to cover different topics in film.

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Jacque Langston says:

You loss me with, " make sure you know where you do your world premiere"

Andrey Medina says:

I’ve been just putting my films on my YouTube

Elam parithi says:

I've been thinking about a thing for so long.. I am a non us citizen. Even If I win an award in a top film festival such as Sundance or Raindance whatever, before talking about the distributor and marketing kind of topics.. I wanna make sure one thing first, At least can I get any film industry jobs in Hollywood?
Just tell me, Thanks!

Photographic elements says:

Exciting about your script! (I write in the same way). Good luck with your writing process. Creating characters and world building is a fun process, enjoy it!

Photographic elements says:

Sadly Without A Box is ending its service this year.

Photographic elements says:

I went to my first film festival recently with DP credit for the featured film; I was surprised how I was treated like a celebrity. Networking and connections with the right people is imperative to indie film work. Researching & having a plan with a desired outcome before submitting to the right festival is extremely important.
I have clicked on indie films that I knew nothing about on Amazon, with laurels on the poster, so it works in some way? I have learned to zoom in and look for "nominated," or "winner" on the poster.

You make a lot of great points here, I appreciate you speaking from your expertise and from your experience, thank you.

Gabe Stewart-Guido says:

Are you aiming to be a producer in the future?

vickie james says:

Hi Amber, I am about to start my first union gig – I was offered the job by someone I had spoken to in the past – to be an assistant to a producer. What is the correct way to ask for more information such as rate/hiring process/duties/location? Since its my first time, I feel like I might ask it the wrong way or I should just know how this works? I would love to hear from anyone. Thanks.

trago1337 says:

I am SO GLAD I found your channel! Very useful and informative.

cecilia Lima says:

You're inspiring me so much to follow my dream. Please, continue making videos, I love them!

Parsian Productions says:

Thank you Amber! More videos please

Mark Castro says:

Thank you for all your videos! Just want to say keep going 🙂

Mychal Simmons says:

Thanks Amber

Mychal Simmons says:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on directing

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