Vaccines – A Public Health Achievement

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Between 2001 and 2010, the United States saw big declines in the number of cases of vaccine-preventable diseases. Because of this, vaccines are one of the top public health achievements of the decade. Learn how vaccines can help protect your child; visit #VaccinesByTheNumbers

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gwendy still says:

Politicians, doctors, big pharma, CDC…..inject thyself! That's right…YOU FIRST!

Richard Kahler says:

From the folks who brought us Thalidomide, Vioxx and Celebrex! Allopathic medicine's track record is breath-taking! Fully informed consent is essential.

Liz Keith says:

public awareness of the tragedy that is vaccines is coming to the tipping point. the jig is up big pharma. you had your chance to come clean and all you did was lie. your industry will crumble. buh-bye.

Freedom Free For All says:

LOL despite our vaccine efficacy outbreaks still happen, which literally is admission your trash is a lie. And everyone knows it now thanks to the fantastic work by Ty Bollinger, Russel Blaylock, Sayer Ji, Mike Adams, etc.

In the age of information, it must be expensive to pedal this lie.

Jordan S says:

soooooo about that black plaque???? any vaccines yet???

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