Paralyzed dog in Malaysia walks after Acupuncture, laser and physio

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Sharing my experience especially dog owners who couldn’t find information on paralysed dogs or IVDD in Malaysia

Here is the story:
Guinness my 12 year old male Dachshund in Malaysia, yelped out in excruciating pain suddenly while laying down on a mat. He then dragged himself with his hind legs “infront” under the car, trying to hide.

Vet in Malaysia initially diagnosed him with IVDD stage 3, where he can still feel the pain. But next 3 days, it became Stage 4, pain sensation deminished and started to have blood in his urine.

His MRI results read: Chronic versus acute upon chronic IV disc bulge at T13-L1 – distortion of spinal cord may be chronic and
not compressive as there is no signal change within the cord.

Guinness has done Xray & MRI. In Malaysia, resources on pet paralysis is extremely limited. His MRI results has to be send online to Australian radiologist for their next recommendations. He was scheduled for a CT scan but unfortunately the only CT scan for animals in Malaysia has broken down.

What Guinness had in layman’s term, a stroke. He had soft matter shooting out from his lumber spinal cord which affected his hind legs.

On 9th day, Guinness went home while waiting for the CT scan to be repaired. And it’s all these waiting around, pawrent decided to sent out a distress signal to other pet pawrent for help.

Acupuncture was recommended by one of the pawrent. It worked!! Guinness walk and ran on his wobbly 4 paws on 25th day. Pawrent rejoiced!!

But as days went by, something else happened to his body. He was beginning to lose muscle mass and very weak with his core muscles. Guinness was depending too much on his front body muscles.

Did my own research and found the only rehabilitation for pet or animals in Malaysia. And Guinness was able to regain 75% of his mobility after nearly 2 months of his 1st paralysis.

From my own PERSONAL opinion, it’s best to have a combination of both Physio, Laser and Acupuncture to help in the recovery. I Did Not do both Acupuncture and laser together on the same day as both gives out different energy.

Hope this video motivate pet owners not to give up.

I am not affiliated to any of these companies. But just sharing my resources of companies or vet I was using:

1. Gasing Veterinary Hospital
2. Paws Rehab Malaysia- for laser & physiotherapy
3. Asia Paws – for acupuncture
4. I joined . This FB support group are based in USA with members have experience or have gone through dog paralysis. You will receive serious, constructive feedback from group members and also from the professionals in the Physio Therapy industry
5. Lots of love and tender loving care – mummy😀

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Maseni Hauhnar says:

Today our dachshund was suddenly paralyse, we are so warried and dont know what to do about it, please help us.

Kevin Yeoh says:

Aww such a good boy Guinness! ♥️

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