What does the US military actually know about UFOs?

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North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker demands answers about the military’s probe into UFO sightings. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Aliens came to the USA in 2016. They landed in the middle of a DNC convention hosted by Hillary. The alien that was controlling the craft went into hysterics of laughter and crashed the craft just outside Nevada.

a swistak zawija w sreberka says:

If we could at least handle the people of the Earth. Btw, people who think we are alone in this immense universe must be ignorant and the most stupid thing ever done was sending Arecibo message.

Andres Davila says:

This all part to scared people so when the rapture comes the government or the anti christ are gonna say it was aliens to fool those left behind wake up America this is all fake news to distract people from what really happening in this world don’t be fool stay alert and always pray to god to keep you in your family safe we are living in the beginning of the end of times

Justin Granstaff says:

Does anyone else notice the increasing popularity of aliens? I'm waiting for the fake alien invasion to happen anyday now.

Green Man says:

It's Nazis from Antarctica!!!!

elsie bond says:

i spent 22 years in the Air Force. and i can tell u this. jet planes only use jet fuel to start the engines. after they get up to speed. the propulsion takes over. we found out that gravity can be manipulated through a vortech effct. the jet engine is a technological marvel that man got from a space craft dug up in Antarctica. the Nazis found it first.. why u think ALL their scientist were brought here and didnt face war crimes. got millions of dollars, land and a high paying job.

Peaceful Hooligan says:

My favorite conspiracy theory is that the world elitists will create a worldwide fake alien threat to bring the world's population together against a single enemy to ultimately create a one world rule/order.

Junior diaz says:

Me watching this… proceeds to put on my tinfoil hat !

Defy Convention says:

Nothing, if they came all the way here they'd meet us.

Jessie Blanton says:

Ufo.real people

Jessie Blanton says:

They lie about ever thing

James Kelley says:

Let's see them aliens

Brandon Abel says:

But we can trust Tucker Carlson….


Carers Issue says:

1. What we are now seeing is an admission that advanced tech is being flown and nobody knows where this tech comes from
2. This tech is so advanced that it is also being admitted that it can't possibly be from another country yet nobody dare say "alien"
3. So it's an admission that non humans are entering our air space, at will, and there is nothing we can do about it BUT it's only a threat if it's Russia or China? and should only be investigated in case its Russia or China?

Some cognitive dissonance going on here.

Lets put it like this..if Russia or China had this technology, the world as we know it would no longer exist. Everyone knows if you have the biggest stick, you use it to your advantage. This also leads to another logical conclusion. Who or whatever is behind flying saucers is already in control of this planet and has been in control of it for a very long time, whether or not the people and governments are aware of that fact or not. I am pretty confident the reason all this is kept above top secret is because the truth is socking but quite easy to figure out.
There is no direct threat from UFO's because they already have full control. They toy with conventional aircraft. The question is, what is the purpose of life on this planet and human civilization? Whatever the answer to that is, has been worth a huge cover up.

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