I Paid $100 For a Website on Fiverr | LOOK AT WHAT I GOT

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I paid $100 and $30 for two custom websites on Fiverr and you’ll never believe what I got back!

How to Create a Website in 10 Min:

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my-financial-wealth blog says:

More and more young people prefer to work remotely and choose interesting projects by themselves. For this purpose Fiverr created. Let’s take a look into Company’s business model, financial data, risks and opportunities, IPO, shares performance, etc.
Main idea behind Fiverr is Service-as-a-Product. Through company’s website and mobile app sellers and buyers of digital gigs can easily find each other. All content categorized into 200+ categories.


Milos Stojanovic says:

In my country for 100 bucks we would kill someone, won't talk about making websites. 😀

TAKEDOWN Gaming says:

The people that own PigeonsRUs.com are probably wondering why their site is getting so many hits suddenly

Colbzy k says:

Bro what is your chair

Grease quala says:

these bloody Indians torrent themes illegally and upload them. This needs to stop. They brought down web development to street level.

Quantum Tech HD says:

this is an amazing video. keep going

Ayush - says:

hey you can go to ctrl shift i (develepor tools in chrome and click on the screen icon to emualte a mobile screen it even has device names there for screens

SwiftNinjaPro says:

I would recommend keeping your domain name separate from the host, ex: Google Domains. The domain name is actually more important than the website code, because thats how people find the website. If your website host holds your domain name, and your account for that host gets hacked, you could loose everything, but if you keep the domain name separate, it's not actually too hard to recreate the website(or upload a local backup), or you could use a different design. If you loose the domain name, you loose a lot of the users from your website, because they can't find it. The domain name is actually more important than the website itself. You can recover the website(or backups of the website), but if you loose the domain name, you can't recover that, and would need a new domain that your users won't recognize. Even if you want to use hostgator, I would still try and keep the domain name separate.

plus, hosting the domain on something like Google Domains or enom allows you to do more than just build a website off it. You could also create infinite sub-domains, and connect them to different hosts, ex: images.example.com could link to google cloud storage, so you don't pay the website host extra for the large image files being stored. You could also create custom emails like admin@example.com or create temporary/permanent redirects, and you only get charged yearly. Most google domains are about $12/year (basically $1/month).

Miguel Ochoa says:

Dude, i lost it when you found out that someone have already used pigeonsrus.com XDDDDDD

mikeys4u says:

Please straighten that picture frame…..my OCD is going mental…..

YaBoi Owen says:

The website is just jacksucksatlife

Kürsat Cifci says:

How much did you get from Fiverr?

peep says:

You should consider a password manager, it keeps track of all your passwords for you so you only need to remember your master password.

then you can just randomly generate all your other passwords

Torben Jørgensen says:

Bro, what chair is that?

Fightlikabrave says:

Another thing to consider, is that fiverr takes $1 of every $5 that you make (20%). So charging $100 you only get paid $80. Charge $500, you get paid $400 and so on… plus they have to buy all their "digital tools" to build for you.. and the time they took to learn them etc..

Cio Dokop says:

I am not so good at website design, maybe wordpress. I am a 13 year old, and I like these website stuff… I am usually good at setting up the backend ( cpanel and admin etc… items)

So yeah… seeing this website being built for 100$ still seems like a okay deal… i mean…. yeah we can get hosting for 12$ a year too… but Eh nahh

( and We have to buy hosting) then its not a good deal

You can search how to create wordpress website in youtube, and BAM create a website for free ( hosting costs need to be paid though)

Cosgrave Hill says:

Yikes- a site where primary goal is likely lead generation- you're connecting to people who want their lazy pigeons trained – And the developer delivers a dysfunctional contact collection form!?

I'd consider that an automatic disaster failure. In most cases, it would be worse to have this site as opposed to none at all.

Since you're not getting any new leads for a $100-website from SERPs outside of hyper-local traffic ( Pigeon Trainers near Little Rock, Arkansas.) then you're better off with a GMB page visit from that hyper-local search. At least with the GMB the lead doesn't believe they've reached out only to never hear back.

It's hard to overstate a flaw that dead ends a lead's journey without alerting the lead.

Gustavo Rangel says:

Hello there. I was wondering, it is then a bad call these days to be a web developer that cant stand out with his design right? So only ppl that has decent budgets will be able to create a decent relationship with us as designers that does not charge less than 100$ for a web right?

Bilal Afridi says:

That is divi theme

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