Nikki Chu: How I Became A Interior Decorator & Product Designer

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Interior home designer Nikki Chu has her own line of paints, furniture collection and bedding products. She’s hailed as one of the top black interior decorators in the nation, but how did she do it?

Find out how she achieved massive success in the latest episode of xoNecole’s Living My Dream


Cherry Dee says:

I love to make furniture and decorate walls but what degree in incorporates both ideas?

GeaDonna Moore says:

I am happy that you get to live your dream. K. Mcleod is four scrolls down on this thread. Her question asks about first jobs and how you got on during those first days, week (s), month, first year or years? With only the amount of money you said you had in a foreign unknown area, space country and place. I would like to know that too. The reason I would like to know the answer is because I have learned in this like that there has to be help. There has to be a person to say yes to you whoever you are whatever you do or trying to do, someone who already has it and doing it or has a connection to what you need or want and they come into your life or God sends them into your life, her life his life to help and give that one special all needed yes that plants the seed for you to start to live the dream. People of all successful walks tell of how they did it, finally got there. They pretty much not all of the time but most of the time leave out of the story that one person or thing that provided the help that they needed to start to live their dream. People who have reached their dream paint a I did this all on my own and got here by me only picture to the outside world. Example: When actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote Good Will Hunting someone had to say yes to their screenplay to make it into a movie for them to move forward. There is a female singer who is very successful. Her father played an extremely significant role in how her career turned out. She is very successful in the music industry but……………..until a record company said yes to her all of the work her father put in would not have made her a success she needed to be signed and that was the thing that got it going. Yes all of what it took is what it took to get there but I think everybody get what I am saying. Which is sometimes all a person need to help elevate themselves is help. Simple help. Like K. Mcleod wrote how did you get on with that small amount of money not knowing your surroundings or anyone who is close or dear to you? Where and how did you dwell, did you bring furniture with you, until you found work steady work how did you get more money to live on? What did you eat, drive, when you got sick how did you get medical treatment in a foreign place with only a small amount of money. Being self employed what coverage did you secure for yourself in case you needed medical treatment? Who or what helped you to get to where you are now? What was the moment that 'really' started you on your path to live your dream. Ms. Chu I do enjoy looking at your work. I learned of you by way of the Nicole Murphy Gram page. Even more success for you in the future. Bye Now

Yolandi Mare says:

She is just crazy pretty!

Typical naps says:

Im actually about to cry, like im really intrigued with and intrested in becoming an interior designer… lemme tell you i have 3 rooms in one room … but im really scared that in the process to becoming one ill screw up somewhere or my parents will be upset that i didnt go into the air force or something and then everything im tryna work for just comes crumbling down all at once and i wont know where to go next. I see all these vids on youtube (not many are helpful at all) and everyone makes it look so so easy to become a designer or decorator and i just dont really know where to go or start or even look for the matter. I love decorating places, like at friends’ houses i often sit there wherever i am and think “How can i make this so much fabulous to the point theyll love it too” i really like making something for someone and watching their faces light up in pure satisfaction and amazement at what i just showed them but idk im just really lost

Aya Mohamed says:

Realy u r so inspirational woman

Lucia Rogers says:

Hello beautiful love when you say you are able to give your mum any thing she wants ,love your design keep up the good work .

Steven G says:

Great Show!

Lavender a says:

Nice. Video ..congratulations for your Challenge Life..wishing you all the best in your life

K Mcleod says:

wonder what her first gigs were? How was she getting along in her early days? who did she connect with?

Elisa M says:

This video is really inspiring i love to come back to this vid for tips and jst that boost of "do it"

1954 &company says:

so inspiring … she started the way i am starting .. so cool

Lia Hani says:

can someone that took other course at university become a designer like her? tq

Sami Farmer says:

Chu did that!

Aditya Krishna says:

just wanna b lik u

TheDCChic says:

I really loved this. Nikki seems like a beautiful soul!

Najla Yasmeen Ati says:

Wow she is so beautiful! From the way she looks, to how she speaks, to how she thinks. So inspiring on many different levels. Thanks for sharing!


LOVE THIS PROFILE! She's awesome!

Adine Mateo says:

so inspiring!… I love all the positivity!!

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