15 Awesome Jobs for Animal Lovers

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Love for creatures can be a rich and incredible profession; These are 15 AWESOME Jobs for Animal Lovers !

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If you enjoy studying animals, then a career in zoology might right be for you. Zoologists can spend a lot of time with animals, and can work at zoos, with personnel there to direct how the creatures are cared for. Some zoologists will focus on one species of animal, while other might choose to specialize in mammals, reptiles, or other species. Entry level positions require a Bachelor’s degree … and if you want to become a researcher or professor, you’ll need a master’s degree.

Animal Control Officer
This type of job involves dealing with all types of animals … from pets to wildlife, and a job perk is giving them personal attention. Reports of mistreated animals are investigated, and dealt with according to the situation and animal involved. Officers will often help control abandoned or unattended animals, or help to remove dangerous animals. A necessary job requirement is the ability and willingness to use nooses, nets and/or tranquilizer darts should the situation call for it. Some of the jobs within this field can include dog wardens and dog catchers, canine service trainers and humane officers. And depending on where the job is located, your workplace can vary from a service truck to an office, to the wide open spaces of a national park!

Wildlife Biologist
Do the names Jeff Corwin or Steve Irwin ring any bells? They were wildlife biologists who went on to fame and fortune thanks to popular TV shows and books published. While there’s no guarantee of that, this is a profession that allows you to combine a love of animals with science. Wildlife biologists are involved with studying the environments of animals, along with their demographics and populations among other things. To move beyond entry-level positions, you’d need a master’s degree or PhD in wildlife biology.

Animal Trainer
Do you have a lot of patience with critters? If so, this might be the gig for you. It’s basically teaching animals to follow instructions. Whether you’re training dogs, horses, service animals or performing animals, you would need a basic understanding of how animals function. This usually involves an apprentice type education … and it has the potential to bring in a nice paycheck. As an example, a reputable show horse trainer can charge up to $1,000 (or higher) each month per horse … and that could involve several of the animals training at once. Our sources indicate that jobs in this line of work could increase by some 20-percent in the next year or so.

And before getting to our number one job for animal lovers, it’s time for an honorable mention. In addition to many of the jobs we found while researching the episode, one really raised our hackles — in a good way. Would you believe the guy in the picture is not necessarily a veterinarian … but is in fact a well-compensated professional cat cuddler? There’s an animal clinic that is seeking candidates that have a certain “Catitude” … that is, an ability to speak softly to the felines and calm their nerves … kind of like being a cat-whisperer. And this fella certainly seems to have the knack … that critter looks like it is all kinds of mellowed out. If you want to get paid for cuddling kittens all day long, you’ll need gentle hands for the petting and stroking of the cats. Now, there are a couple of drawbacks. One, we couldn’t find out how much the job pays. And two … the clinic is located in Dublin, Ireland. So if you don’t already live in the UK, you could be in for quite a commute.

Chances are, the first animal-related job a lot of people think is is being a veterinarian. Along with a love of animals, a candidate better love math and science. In the US, you’ll need a four-year degree (and good marks) to gain entry to one of the country’s 27 veterinary schools. By some accounts it’s more difficult to get accepted into one of these schools than it is medical school! That involves another four years to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, or DVM. Graduates usually have to intern for a year before starting their own independent practice. Specialities can include animal surgery, animal pathology and exotic animal medicine. Salaries can range up to $150,000 per year depending on the vet’s speciality.


Marcelo Perlos says:

Let’s say you study for zoology. Marine biology and I think it is called animal kingdom or something like that. Do you eventually get to choose between them or you will have to study both.

Maddisson Malott says:

Not to sound crazy but I rather kill people then kill a animal

GavinKent Fishing says:

I want to be a herpetologist. I have always wanted to be a zoologist but, I'm allergic to many types of mammals. I'm not allergic to reptiles, and I also love reptiles to death. I want to help reptiles and help the ones that are going extinct. I have a few reptiles of my own and I am getting a new ball python soon.

Iris Renate says:

I think is another one for animals lovers: ultrasound technician

parastoo badiei says:

Real animal lover won't work for zoos

tubefreakmuva says:


queen steffy says:

Who came here for their future cough cough me

GloriousPurplez TV says:

I wanna be a vet surgeon

Real Time says:

All animal lovers, sub to sub

bunnylover 1234 says:

I really want to be a zookeeper because I absolutely love caring for animals I just love them and I feel the zoo job is best for me even if it means I have to clean up poop I love animals I right now have 7 animals going on 8 I love animals and zoo job

Snapzi :/ says:


Dave Tablet says:

Ill become an animal walker

Thalys De Oliveira says:

Animal researcher masters degree

cold fries says:

Best informational channel ever. 10/10 def subbing

LPS LunaKat uwu says:

I would be a bad pet detective because I would just keep the lost animals for my own :’)

Chopperdragon39 says:

8/15 points this semester. time to look for plan B options…

Jose Santos says:

I'm defenatly going to be a Zoologists!!!!!!!!

pjenslin1 says:

What about a Veterinary Physiotherapist!

Yaya Shamim says:

U helped determine my future! I definitely subscribed! : )

a l e x i o u s says:

All of my life i said i wanted to be a Vet but last year I was so confused and didn’t know if I wanted to study something medicine related and very recently i discovered that all i wanted was to study zoology!

Murph says:

Dublin Ireland isn't part of the United Kingdom

Dawn Frank says:

"Jobs like these can be found in pet stores"

*shows elephants and pandas*

Idali Martinez says:

My dream job was to be a vet but my grades have kind of gone down and im thinking of working at a animal shelter! It is like my dream job now 😀

Jose Rivera says:

What’s number 13

Isis Andrews says:

Does anyone know if you get paid working at spca?

G-love 22 says:

Ima be a zooalagist

•1000 Subs With no Vids• says:

I have a passion for animals and their behavior! It’s their own world and culture that is so different from ours yet some breeds are falling extinct! Please raise money and donate for these animals and give them a chance to live

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